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Damboddo Drops Visualizer For ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz


By Isaac Tugume

Popular Ugandan choreographer and singer Damboddo AD has unveiled the visualizer for ‘Nwanilaako’, an electrifying song by music icon Nina Roz.


The ‘Nwanilaako’ visualizer, which is now available for streaming on YouTube, precedes the official video for this song, which Nina Roz is set to release next month.


However, as he performs the song, Damboddo, who is a very creative entertainer, endevaours to portray a visual reflection of what goes on in Nina Roz’s mind as she sings this song.

This is because in ‘Nwanilaako’, which is now doing rounds on airwaves, Nina Roz voices the feelings and emotions of a woman who loves her man so much although he doesn’t love her the way she loves him.

A song that has so far claimed over 91K YouTube views and still counting, ‘Nwanilaako’ is positioning Nina Roz as an artist who is out to let men know that it’s always important to spend time with their women to know the little things that matter to them!

Tap the link above to stream the ‘Nwanilaako’ visualizer by Damboddo on YouTube but remember the official audio is also available on YouTube.

Dynaso Wegoso Taking Over Ugandan Dancehall Scene With ‘Wafada’


By Isaac Tugume

If all goes as planned, Dynaso Wegoso, a budding Ugandan musician, is likely to give all other dancehall music artists in the country a run for their money and if you doubt this, then you ought to check out his latest tune titled ‘Wafada’.

As he performs ‘Wafada’, which is turning out to be an explosive club banger all over the country, Dynaso Wegoso showcases rare lyrical maturity, presenting the jam in a style that makes everyone want to vibe to it.

‘Wafada’ is a song that takes the storyline of a man who was in love with a woman who unfortunately passed away but instead of letting him move on with his life, she keeps haunting his dreams.

Indeed, if this was an exam, we would ably assert that Dynaso Wegoso passed with flying colours because the creativity he showcases in ‘Wafada’ indicates that he is already mastering his craft and that very soon he will be one of the Ugandan artists to reckon with.

This jam is here not only to just thrill Dyanaso Wegoso’s fans but to also solidify his position on the Ugandan dancehall music scene as an artist who is not here to joke but to take over!

Click the link to stream ‘Wafada’ on YouTube right now.






‘Dictionary’ Singer Emilian Starz Back To Studio After Dropping Hot Video



By Isaac Tugume

Emilian Starz, one of Uganda’s most enterprising artists, has returned to the studio after serenading the nation with her sizzling music video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is still thrilling thousands of her fans.

Reliable sources close to the singer revealed that Emilian Starz, who is blessed with a sugarlicious voice, is working on a new tune titled ‘Nvuga’, which is set to drop early next month.

‘Nvuga’, which will officially usher Emilian Starz’s fans into the year 2024, is another powerful jam from this exceptionally creative artist, who never runs out of surprises.

However, as we await the release of her forthcoming project, it is important to note that Emilian Starz continues to leave a lasting impression on tens of thousands of fans who have since gotten hooked on her latest video ‘Dictionary’ and are streaming it from several corners of the country.

In ‘Dictionary’ Emilian Starz embarks on a mission of letting men know the little things that matter in a woman’s life and being such a popular jam, the video, which is also airing on various TV stations, has so far attracted over 166K YouTube views and counting.

But, as we all wait for Emilian Starz to release the project that’s in the pipeline, let’s make sure to stream her video ‘Dictionary’ by tapping the link above!



‘Dictionary’ Video By Emilian Starz Will Make You Wanna Couple Up


By Isaac Tugume

One of the jams shaping the Ugandan party landscape lately is ‘Dictionary’, an incredible song by sweet-voiced female musician Emilian Starz, which is predominantly playing in nightclubs, bars, and parties across the country.

One of Emilian Starz’s biggest studio projects ever, ‘Dictionary’ is the song that has since become a must-play for DJs at happening spots around the country, because it instantly puts people in the mood for merrymaking, especially if they are a couple.

‘Dictionary’ is a passionate melody that triggers nostalgia and the desire to be loved for everyone who experiences it, reason why it’s ideal for dating couples and those already settled down in relationships.

They say music is a medium through which to express our feelings; if this statement is anything to go by, then ‘Dictionary’ is the kind of music they are talking about and it’s because of this that the video is being streamed by over 166K fans on YouTube!

Not only so emotional but also very thought-provoking, ‘Dictionary’ is a studio project that has since changed the outlook of Ugandan music as we knew it, because with this song Emilian Starz dropped a musical creation that is shaking up the scene with a powerful message, which is love.

Stream the video right now on YouTube by tapping the link above!





 Nina Roz Performs ‘Nwanilaako’ With BSD Crew, Set To Drop Video


By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan female musician Nina Roz on Sunday afternoon thrilled fans with a very electrifying dance performance of her brand-new release titled ‘Nwanilaako’, which she held at Trroy Studios in Bugolobi, with BSD Crew, who are a group of skilled dancers.

This dance version of ‘Nwanilaako’ is already doing rounds on TikTok, where Nina Roz’s fans are viewing it in their hundreds because it is so fascinating, thanks to the unique dance moves staged by BSD Crew.

Meanwhile, sources close to Nina Roz reveal that besides her stint with BSD Crew, the artist also used the weekend to shoot the video for ‘Nwanilaako’, which is to be released in a few days from now.


The ‘Nwanilaako’ video, which was shot by Kim XP, will take thousands of Nina Roz’s fans by storm because knowing Kim XP’s legacy in videography, it’s bound to be killer!

And, by the way, with over 40K fans streaming the audio on YouTube just a few days after the release, it’s quite obvious now that the Ugandan audience is treating ‘Nwanilaako’ to a massive reception.

Let’s all wait for updates about when the video is dropping but in the meantime, you can tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube and remember to check out the dance video  with BSD Crew on TikTok




‘Dictionary’ By Emilian Starz Is Early Valentine’s Day Gift

By Isaac Tugume

As we count down the days to February 14th, Ugandan vocalist Emilian Starz already has a special Valentine’s Day gift for her fans, which is her latest video dubbed ‘Dictionary’.

 ‘Dictionary’, which now commands the attention of over 116K people on YouTube, is the ideal melody for lovers to experience as they enjoy themselves on Valentine’s Day.

This is because, through this ballad, Emilian Starz paints a vivid picture of how every man ought to treat his Valentine (Lover), and she hopes they can pick a cue from her.

The song takes the storyline of a woman who is deeply in love with a man simply because he has answers to all the questions she asks about love.

And by the way, it’s important to note that ‘Dictionary’ is an all-time classic because love doesn’t stop only on Valentine’s Day but it’s a lifelong experience, meaning that the song will keep lovers company for several years to come!!

Anyway, the good news is that ‘Dictionary’ is available for streaming on YouTube so you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to share this gift with your loved one; simply tap the link above to enjoy it!

Damboddo AD  To Start New Year With Massive Tune ‘Dudunkwe’




By Isaac Tugume

You all remember Damboddo AD, the Ugandan artist who dropped an Amapiano tune last year dubbed ‘Lujuju’; well, he is set to drop a fresh single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, which is debuting on YouTube and digital platforms in a few days to come.

‘Dudunkwe’, which roughly translates to “Do it the right way”, is a very electrifying song that Damboddo, who is a popular Ugandan hire and singer, performs alongside a group of young promising talents, who light up the jam with their exciting dances and freestyle performance that reminds everyone to take a moment off to enjoy life.

An exceedingly fun-filled song, ‘Dudunkwe’, which will take the Ugandan music scene by storm, is all about having fun and going down memory lane, taking us on an adventurous reminder of the fun we used to enjoy as children and why she should relive our childhood days.

With ‘Dudunkwe’, Damboddo takes his fans on a  dance-filled trip during which they are supposed to loosen and have fun without fear or favour to anyone, something that makes the song so lovable!

Stay tuned for details on when ‘Dudunkwe’ is dropping but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream Damboddo’s debut single ‘Lujuju’ on YouTube.


‘Body Count’ By Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua & Fathermoh Is New Street Anthem




By Isaac Tugume

Sizzling Gengetone tune ‘Body Count’ by Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua, and Fathermoh is the latest street anthem not only in Kenya but also across East Africa, booming in almost every happening spot.

Everyone familiar with the phrase ‘Body Count’ will agree that this is one of the most common slogans on the streets among youths, especially because of the controversy it sparks whenever and wherever it is mentioned.

This is because ‘Body Count’ means the number of bodies or people someone has slept with during their lifetime and the more they are, the higher the body count.

Being a song that several people easily resonate with, thousands of Gengetone fans are falling in love with ‘Body Count’, which explains the over 13K YouTube views and counting that the song has attracted so far.

It’s because of the song’s high relatability, especially among youths that ‘Body Count’ is gaining popularity across East Africa, because the phrase rings a bell in the mind of everyone who encounters it.

Please tap the link above to stream ‘Body Count’ on YouTube because this is the song that’s making everyone talk!



Nina Roz Drops Teaser For Fresh Single ‘Nwanilaako’




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan diva Nina Roz, who is known for her scintillating music, has surprised fans with a teaser for her jam titled ‘Nwanilaako’, which is dropping on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday.

Bound to take millions of her fans by storm, ‘Nwanilaako’ is a captivating song through which Nina Roz expresses her deepest feelings and emotions for a man she loves wholeheartedly, although he doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same.

With ‘Nwanilaako’, Nina Roz offers her audience a sweet narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and ambition, expertly blending her unique music style and lyrical talents.




‘Nwanilaako’, which will officially kickstart the New Year for Nina Roz, comes with a very special message for all women who are in relationships with men who don’t reciprocate the love they have for them.

This is a studio project that many of Nina Roz’s fans will easily resonate with mainly because she hinges the song on love, a theme that several people identify with.

Be sure to stream the song when it drops on Friday but as we wait for its release, you can tap the link above to check out the teaser on Nina Roz’s X account.


Nande Boyz  Set Yardstick For Genuine Love With ‘Loyal’  



By Isaac Tugume

If you have been wondering about the exact difference between true and fake love then wonder no more, because Nande Boyz have the answer in their latest music video dubbed ‘Loyal’.

A Congolese singing duo based in Uganda, Nande Boyz are out to preach the gospel of true love, with loyalty between lovers being the benchmark for this; that’s the message they deliver for their audience in ‘Loyal.’

A deeply emotional song, ‘Loyal’ is a melodious narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and patience, a combination of which highlights the duo’s unique style and exceptional lyrical talents.

As we kick off the new year, it is highly advised that everyone who wants to have a meaningful relationship in 2024 should make ‘Loyal’ their daily bread of sorts, because the world has witnessed several lovers tearing themselves apart as a result of disloyalty.

It’s because of the powerful message Nande Boyz deliver through ‘Loyal’ that the song is now in rotation on various TV stations across East Africa, and is being streamed by over 82K fans on YouTube.

If you want to know what ‘Loyal’ is all about, go stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.