Nande Boyz  Set Yardstick For Genuine Love With ‘Loyal’

By Isaac Tugume

If you have been wondering about the exact difference between true and fake love then wonder no more, because Nande Boyz have the answer in their latest music video dubbed ‘Loyal’.

A Congolese singing duo based in Uganda, Nande Boyz are out to preach the gospel of true love, with loyalty between lovers being the benchmark for this; that’s the message they deliver for their audience in ‘Loyal.’

A deeply emotional song, ‘Loyal’ is a melodious narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and patience, a combination of which highlights the duo’s unique style and exceptional lyrical talents.

As we kick off the new year, it is highly advised that everyone who wants to have a meaningful relationship in 2024 should make ‘Loyal’ their daily bread of sorts, because the world has witnessed several lovers tearing themselves apart as a result of disloyalty.

It’s because of the powerful message Nande Boyz deliver through ‘Loyal’ that the song is now in rotation on various TV stations across East Africa, and is being streamed by over 82K fans on YouTube.

If you want to know what ‘Loyal’ is all about, go stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.


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