Johnny Benzx Catches Fire With ‘Bad Man Do’ ft. Emilian Starz  & LBK Nandeboy

By Isaac Tugume

One of the hottest artists on the African scene currently is Johnny Benzx, a rising star from Nigeria, whose latest drop dubbed ‘Bad Man Do’, featuring Emilian Starz from Uganda, and LBK Nandeboy from DR Congo is blazing hot!

A massive club banger, ‘Bad Man Do’ unveils Johnny Benzx as one of the musicians that are bound to dominate the realm of Afro-piano music around Africa, because he performs the song with a very unique and electrifying style, which makes it so enjoyable to listeners.

Despite this being his second studio project, ‘Bad Man Do’ has already enabled Johnny Benzx to set a pace for other musicians who might want to follow in his wake, because he seems to be bringing about a revolution in the African music landscape as we know it.

What else could explain thousands of fans who are streaming ‘Bad Man Do’ on YouTube because the jam has so far attracted over 25K views and still counting?

Indeed, this track marks a significant milestone in Johnny Benzx’s music career, positioning him as an artist whose mission is to take African music to the rest of the world.

Go check out ‘Bad Man Do’ on YouTube by tapping the link above!









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