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‘No Drama’ This Valentine’s Day Says Blaq Smith


By Isaac Tugume

If you’re tired of drama in your love life and don’t want more of the same this Valentine’s Day, then Congolese artist Blaq Smith got you covered with his latest drop titled ‘No Drama’!

‘No Drama’ is a resounding Afrobeat tune made especially for people who are tired of drama in their relationships and are ready to move on if things fail to work out for them as a couple.

A highly danceable jam, ‘No Drama’ is a thrilling showcase of Blaq Smith’s lyrical artistry in which he combines heart-pounding beats with a very powerful message.

Thanks to his lyrical dynamism, Blaq Smith presented ‘No Drama’ as both an explosive disco tune and a piece of advice to men who are in toxic relationships to know that there comes a point when they have to walk away and start life afresh.

Being a song that focuses on the complexities of relationships, several people of all ages will find ‘No Drama’ very relatable because many of them are battling this drama and some are so tired that they want to shout out ‘NO MORE DRAMA!

Luckily enough, you don’t have to reach that point when you can cool off the stress by tapping the link above to stream ‘No Drama’ on YouTube.





Nande Boyz To Unveil Fresh Drop ‘Wish’ On Tagy TV


By Isaac Tugume

All fans of Congolese music should gather here small-small because the singing duo Nande Boyz has something very special for you today on Tagy TV, where they are set to officially unveil their latest single dubbed ‘Wish’.

We have learnt that the Nande Boyz are to be hosted today on Tagy TV’s popular show dubbed Boom Friday, for an exclusive interview starting 10:00Pm EAT.

Following this development, Tagy TV viewers are in for a special treat today, because the Nande Boyz will not only be unveiling ‘Wish’ but will also sample some of their other jams like ‘Panadol’, ‘Souci’, ‘Loyal’ to mention but a few.

It is important to note that in ‘Wish’, the Nande Boyz present a situation whereby they urge people not to wish others bad things because they are not immune to misfortune too.

‘Wish’ is a song that is mainly about spreading positive energy and vibes, to create an environment where people coexist in harmony and everyone enjoys their fair share of life.

Make sure therefore that you tune in to Tagy TV this evening to catch up with the Nande Boyz as they premiere this jam but remember that ‘Wish’ is already available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above.

‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx, Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Is Ballistic



By Isaac Tugume

If you’re in for music that can kick-start your week in high gear then ‘Bad Man Do’, a banger by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx, Ugandan songstress Emilian Starz, and Congolese piper LBK Nandeboy is the deal for you!

A very ballistic tune, ‘Bad Man Do’ is the jam making people across Africa speak in whispers because it’s a vibe that’s taking almost the entire continent by storm.

Although it started out as any other song done by a combination of artists from different African countries, ‘Bad Man Do’ is turning into something else, because of the tremendous attention the song is garnering from various corners of Africa.

What’s most interesting is that after circulating in Nigeria, Uganda, and DR.Congo, ‘Bad Man Do’ has since spread to countries like Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan, and Ivory Coast, among others, indicating the veracity with which it’s hitting everyone who experiences it!

With a live studio session video now being streamed by over 53K fans on YouTube and still counting, it’s becoming increasingly clear that ‘Bad Man Do’ is one of the jams dominating the African music landscape currently.

Instantly stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.


 Nandeboyz Rouse Karma With Fresh Single ‘Wish’





By Isaac Tugume

 They say Karma is a b*tch because the bad things you wish others might happen to you; that’s what ‘Wish’, a new jam by Congolese musical duo the Nandeboyz, is all about!

‘Wish’, a song that is now booming on airwaves in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries across East Africa, is not just a piece of musical entertainment, but also a very important message for everyone who intends to live a meaningful life with other people.

This is because all that the Nandeboyz want is for everyone to know that it’s not good to wish others bad luck. After all, it might boomerang for the one who wishes it on others.

Indeed, Nandeboyz couldn’t have presented their message better than they did through this song, because they packaged it in a way that it’s not only easy to grasp but also with captivating beats and a very electrifying rhythm, a combination that makes it so dope!

A very thought-provoking tune, ‘Wish’ is another studio project that cements the legacy that the Nandeboyz have set over time as musicians with very impactful music.

Don’t waste any more time if you haven’t streamed this jam; just tap the link to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube!

Nandeboyz Have No Kind Words For Haters In New Drop ‘Wish’


By Isaac Tugume

Congolese group Nandeboyz is out to let the world know that they have no space for haters in their lives; they do so through their new release dubbed ‘Wish’, a track that is already being streamed on YouTube and digital platforms by thousands of their fans.

Believe it or not, no one wants to live in an environment that is full of haters, who instead of wishing others good luck only have bad Wishes for them.

This is the exact message in ‘Wish’, a song that officially thrusts Nandeboyz into the limelight again.

“What you wish me is what I wish you,” is the overriding line in the song and a vital lifetime lesson that the Nandeboyz want to share with the rest of the world, especially people who wish others bad luck.

It is a very insightful song that Nandeboyz hope to positively impact the world because they address a real-life situation that countless people can easily identify with, reason why the song is already being streamed by scores on YouTube.

You too can enjoy this jam by tapping the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube.


Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Unveil Sizzling New Single ‘Wish’




By Isaac Tugume

Dynamic singing duo the Nandeboyz, a group that hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has unleashed a brand-new jam titled ‘Wish’, which is bound to rock East Africa for eternity.

In ‘Wish’ Nandeboyz are out to warn everyone to desist from wishing others bad things because the misfortune you wish for someone else can befall you!

Performed in Swahili, Lingala, and a bit of English, ‘Wish’ is a song that comes with all indications of becoming a thriller in East Africa, since Nandeboyz target a multiplicity of audiences with this tune that speak the three languages.

The beats and rhythm of the song are in perfect sync with the message that Nandeboyz intend to deliver to their audience and because of this, chances are high that the song will resonate well with their fans.

A very thought-provoking song, ‘Wish’ is not just a mere musical masterpiece but also some sort of food for thought, especially for people who are fond of wishing others bad luck.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube, because this is a song that everyone ought to spare some time to listen to if you live a harmonious and fruitful life.



New Drop ‘Panado’l By Nandeboyz Is Groundbreaking



By Isaac Tugume

Congolese group Nande Boyz is fast finding their footing in the entertainment industry thanks to their newest single titled ‘Panadol’, a tune that has thousands of their fans vibing to the thrilling beats.

A blend between a love melody and party jam, ‘Panadol’ is a song that is not limited by time, venue, or the type of company you keep, because Nandeboyz created it in a unique style that makes the song enjoyable for everyone, no matter the time of the day,  or place!

In ‘Panadol’, Nandeboyz sing about a woman whose love is so strong that it has healing powers, whereby just like Panadol, which is a renowned painkiller, her love relieves pain for men.

A song that resonates with their audience in a very profound way, ‘Panadol’ is a very significant studio project for the Nandeboyz regarding their music career and what’s more, is that the song adds another layer of interest to their music.

It’s as if they are sending out a powerful message to everyone in the industry that they are not only here to entertain their fans but to also conquer the music realm; and, going by their works so far, they aren’t far from fulfilling their dream!

Immerse yourself into this electrifying tune by tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube.




 ‘Loyal’ Video By Nandeboyz Airs On Trace TV



 By Isaac Tugume

Congolese singing group Nandeboyz is going places with their latest video dubbed ‘Loyal’, which has since made it to Trace Mziki, where it’s being aired back-to-back.

‘Loyal’, which is a very intriguing love song, has continued to win the hearts of thousands of fans ever since its release and it’s one of the jams doing rounds on various TV stations within the East African region.

Now that the video is airing on Trace Mziki, it’s obvious that ‘Loyal’ has the attention of not just East Africa but also the entire continent and other parts of the world.

This is mainly because besides being a very captivating visual ensemble, ‘Loyal’ is a song that tends to highlight the issue of disloyalty in relationships, the mention of which strikes a chord in the heart and mind of everyone who is in love.

The themes of love and loyalty, which form the basis of this song, are making ‘Loyal’ a very popular track and because of this, the video has already attracted over 83K YouTube views and still counting.

Hey guys, don’t worry if you haven’t watched the ‘Loyal’ video yet on Trace Mziki, because it’s also available on YouTube; tap the link above and see magic!

Nande Boyz Serenade Fans With ‘Panadol’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

It’s just a matter of time before Congolese musical brand Nande Boyz circulates across East Africa and beyond, because their latest release, a video dubbed ‘Panadol’ is already taking them places!

‘Panadol’, which debuted on YouTube a few days ago, is not only attracting immense attention for the Nande Boyz, but the project is also doing much to keep them in the limelight.

With ‘Panadol’ the Nande Boyz unveil for their audience a highly emotional love song that’s heavily laden with allegory and metaphors because according to them, having someone you love deeply is equivalent to having a pain killer like Panadol!

Although they are new kids on the music block, the hands-on approach to production that Nande Boyz showcase in most of their studio projects has allowed them to infuse every track with their unique musical vision, which has seen them rapidly progress over time.

‘Panadol’, just like most of their songs, brings about a sense of raw authenticity to their music, capturing the energy and emotions in their every performance, a combination that makes Nande Boyz stand out from all other Congolese artists.

Folks, you can only have a real feel of what Nande Boyz are capable of if you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.


 Beni Boyz Captivate East Africa With ‘Fake Love’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Congolese singing duo Beni Boyz have the whole of East Africa glued to their latest release, a scorching music video dubbed ‘Fake Love’, which is already being streamed by thousands of fans on YouTube.

A very captivating musical piece, ‘Fake Love’ is a song that delves into matters to do with relationships, highlighting the fact that to most women, love is all about money and material gains nowadays.

A blend of sensational Afrobeat tunes and powerful lyrics, ‘Fake Love’ is a song that carries a very important message for everyone who intends to start up a relationship or is already in one, because the Beni Boyz attempt to paint a picture of what most men go through when they hook up with money-minded women.

As they perform this jam, Beni Boyz want their audience to know that women attach more importance to money than mutual love these days, hence their love is no longer free but for sale.

With the video attracting over 127K YouTube views and still counting, no one can doubt the fact that ‘Fake Love’ has since been treated to a warm reception by Beni Boyz’s fans and that people from across East Africa are responding to the song.


Please click the link above to stream the ‘Fake Love’ video on YouTube now, because believe it or not, this is the kind of song you won’t just gloss over when you encounter it!