Nandeboyz Rouse Karma With Fresh Single ‘Wish’





By Isaac Tugume

 They say Karma is a b*tch because the bad things you wish others might happen to you; that’s what ‘Wish’, a new jam by Congolese musical duo the Nandeboyz, is all about!

‘Wish’, a song that is now booming on airwaves in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries across East Africa, is not just a piece of musical entertainment, but also a very important message for everyone who intends to live a meaningful life with other people.

This is because all that the Nandeboyz want is for everyone to know that it’s not good to wish others bad luck. After all, it might boomerang for the one who wishes it on others.

Indeed, Nandeboyz couldn’t have presented their message better than they did through this song, because they packaged it in a way that it’s not only easy to grasp but also with captivating beats and a very electrifying rhythm, a combination that makes it so dope!

A very thought-provoking tune, ‘Wish’ is another studio project that cements the legacy that the Nandeboyz have set over time as musicians with very impactful music.

Don’t waste any more time if you haven’t streamed this jam; just tap the link to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube!

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