‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx, Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Is Ballistic



By Isaac Tugume

If you’re in for music that can kick-start your week in high gear then ‘Bad Man Do’, a banger by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx, Ugandan songstress Emilian Starz, and Congolese piper LBK Nandeboy is the deal for you!

A very ballistic tune, ‘Bad Man Do’ is the jam making people across Africa speak in whispers because it’s a vibe that’s taking almost the entire continent by storm.

Although it started out as any other song done by a combination of artists from different African countries, ‘Bad Man Do’ is turning into something else, because of the tremendous attention the song is garnering from various corners of Africa.

What’s most interesting is that after circulating in Nigeria, Uganda, and DR.Congo, ‘Bad Man Do’ has since spread to countries like Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan, and Ivory Coast, among others, indicating the veracity with which it’s hitting everyone who experiences it!

With a live studio session video now being streamed by over 53K fans on YouTube and still counting, it’s becoming increasingly clear that ‘Bad Man Do’ is one of the jams dominating the African music landscape currently.

Instantly stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.


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