Dynaso Wegoso Taking Over Ugandan Dancehall Scene With ‘Wafada’


By Isaac Tugume

If all goes as planned, Dynaso Wegoso, a budding Ugandan musician, is likely to give all other dancehall music artists in the country a run for their money and if you doubt this, then you ought to check out his latest tune titled ‘Wafada’.

As he performs ‘Wafada’, which is turning out to be an explosive club banger all over the country, Dynaso Wegoso showcases rare lyrical maturity, presenting the jam in a style that makes everyone want to vibe to it.

‘Wafada’ is a song that takes the storyline of a man who was in love with a woman who unfortunately passed away but instead of letting him move on with his life, she keeps haunting his dreams.

Indeed, if this was an exam, we would ably assert that Dynaso Wegoso passed with flying colours because the creativity he showcases in ‘Wafada’ indicates that he is already mastering his craft and that very soon he will be one of the Ugandan artists to reckon with.

This jam is here not only to just thrill Dyanaso Wegoso’s fans but to also solidify his position on the Ugandan dancehall music scene as an artist who is not here to joke but to take over!

Click the link to stream ‘Wafada’ on YouTube right now.






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