‘Men Can Lie’ Star Teslah Spills Her Secrets On NTV



By Isaac Tugume

NTV Kenya over the weekend hosted popular Kenyan female songbird Teslah Njeri, one of the artists in Vic West’s ‘Men Can Lie’, which also features Brandy Maina and Ssaru.

During the exclusive interview on NTV’s Teen Republik show, Teslah took the viewers through how she teamed up with Vic West, Brandy Maina, and Ssaru to hatch the plan for ‘Men Can Lie’, a song that has since turned into a monster hit that’s trending in Kenya, with over 264K YouTube views and counting.

Besides talking about ‘Men Can Lie’, Teslah also shared with viewers her musical journey, revealing how she became the celebrated musician she is today.

“Initially I started as a karaoke singer because my passion wasn’t music then. Instead of being a musician, I wanted to be an artist, because I loved drawing and painting a  lot,” Teslah said during the interview.

“But one day a friend told me about a competition happening called ‘Talanta Mtaani’ which means ‘Talent On The Street’ and asked if I would be interested. So that day, after school, I went for the auditions and met some incredible people who mentored me through the process of performing on stage,” she added.

Teslah noted that since then she never looked back but instead adopted music as her passion and that was how she started performing at various local events. And, before everyone realized it, she had become one of Kenya’s fast-rising female artists.

She also talked about her growing up as a church choir member, which she said helped much in honing her skills as a musician until later when she switched to secular music, noting that much as she is a spiritual person, the whole church-religion route didn’t rhyme with her lifestyle.

If you missed the interview, tap the link above to check it out on X (Twitter) but don’t forget to hit stream ‘Men Can Lie’ on YouTube!



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