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Yes, Men Can Lie; But Can They Lie Even On Valentine’s Day?



By Isaac Tugume

Ladies, it’s a well-known fact world over that ‘Men Can Lie’, however, the most important question here is; can you allow men to lie to you even on Valentine’s Day?

If you’re not sure then perhaps you haven’t yet come across ‘Men Can Lie’, a jam by Kenyan artists Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina, and Ssaru, which is booming across East Africa and beyond!

Intended to keep you company during this Valentine’s Day and long thereafter, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a studio project that’s not only a Gengetone thriller but also a brief manual about all the lies men tell women, no matter what part of the world they are in.

With over 358K fans streaming the video on YouTube, ‘Men Can Lie’ continues to prove that the song has since exerted a very firm grip on tens of thousands of people who agree that when it comes to relationships, men can tell women all sorts of lies.

And, now that Valentine’s Day is here, it’s highly plausible that men will cook up all sorts of lies so as to get into women’s pants; only the sharp ones who have been lucky enough to experience the ‘Men Can Lie’ video will survive these lies.

If  you want to be among those lucky few, please spare a moment to  tap  the link above to stream the video on YouTube and you will thank us later!


‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Is So Fly



By Isaac Tugume

If you are into music that is so lit and comes with fresh vibes, then ‘Men Can Lie’, a palpitating jam by Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina, and Ssaru is the right selection for you!

A certified hit, ‘Men   Can Lie’ is one of the songs that feature on playlists for several DJs across East Africa and beyond, because it has since become a must-play at almost every hangout in Kenya and other countries.

Performed with a captivating flow and catchy rhythm, ‘Men Can Lie’ is another studio project that showcases Vic West’s range of creativity and versatility as an artist, reason why the video is being streamed by over 332K fans on YouTube and counting.

In ‘Men Can Lie’, Vic West brings out his unique ability to weave words into emotive rhythms, which he transmits to Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, who make it more evident throughout the track.

Indeed, ‘Men Can Lie’ dropped like a bombshell on the Kenyan music scene and took everyone by storm, because it’s a song that focuses on the complexities of relationships in contemporary society, which makes it so relatable.

But anyway, need we say more about this jam when you can tap the link above  to stream the ‘Men Can Lie’ video on YouTube?


‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Is About Faithfulness Among Lovers



By Isaac Tugume

‘Men Can Lie’, a very electrifying music video by Kenyan artists Vic West, Brandy Maina, Teslah, and Ssaru is a studio project that roots for transparency and faithfulness among couples.

This is mainly because it’s a fact that most relationships nowadays are hinged on lies, especially since men often lie a lot to women, right from the point of courting to dating, and for many, the lies continue throughout the relationship.

However, although the lies men tell women are endless, in the song ‘Men Can Lie’, the artists attempt to highlight some of the common ones that women can easily detect and it’s because of this that the song has since become a sensation across Africa.

By exposing these lies, Vic West and the ladies on the track aim to create an environment whereby relationships are hinged on truth and honesty instead of lies, which in most cases leads to stability and commitment among partners.

It is this kind of setting and the themes in the song that are making ‘Men Can Lie’ a must-listen and must-watch for almost everyone, whether they are in a relationship or not, because whether you like it or not, the lies often catch up with both the liars and their victims.

Therefore, it’s not by accident or luck that the ‘Men Can Lie’ video boasts over 319K YouTube views and counting so far,  because the jam is not only intriguing but is also some sort of advice for lovers who want to enjoy meaningful relationships.


Junior Gentle & Teslah To Shake East Africa With Hot Video ‘Talk To Me’


By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artist Junior Gentle and Kenyan diva Teslah are ready to unleash the visuals for their hot single ‘Talk To Me’, a studio project that’s already bringing Uganda and Kenya closer to each other than ever before!


Details that Gengetone Radio has stumbled upon indicate that the ‘Talk To Me’ video, which features electrifying scenes and tantalizing acts, is ready for unveiling and that it’s now a matter of time before it debuts on YouTube.


As you read this, clips of this much-anticipated video, which will surely take East Africa by storm, are already doing rounds on X (Twitter), Instagram, and other social media platforms, where they are attracting lots of traction.

In ‘Talk To Me’, Junior Gentle and Teslah teamed up on a very explosive dancehall tune that is a combination of intense passion and dance fever, which sends chills down the spine of everyone who experiences the jam.

Watch out for updates on when the video is dropping on YouTube but in the meantime, click the link above to stream the audio on YouTube. However, you can also check out some of the video promo clips on X and other social media platforms.



 Would You Forgive Your Man For Lying To You?


By Isaac Tugume

The Bible tells us to forgive people who wrong us but honestly, if you are a lady who has been dating a man for some time and then one day you realise that he has all along been lying to you, would you forgive him?

That’s the situation Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina attempt to portray in their thought-provoking video dubbed ‘Men Can Lie’, which is booming across Kenya and other parts of the world.

A song that has since gone viral on social media and is being streamed by hundreds of thousands of fans on YouTube, ‘Men Can Lie’ is currently the latest vibe on the streets!

For several years, men have been lying to women, promising them heaven on earth, taking them to the moon and back, while others promise to love their spouses till the oceans dry up.

However, thanks to Teslah, Ssaru and Brandy Maina, the whole world is now aware of the endless lies that men tell women, and in a bid to protect the girl child from those lies, they decided to send out a powerful message through this jam, which is being streamed by over 313K people on YouTube and still counting.

Enjoy streaming the video on YouTube by tapping the link above!

‘Njeri’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Joefes Doing Rounds On Airwaves


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan artists Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes are making a buzz with their captivating collabo titled ‘Njeri’, which debuted on YouTube and digital platforms a few days ago.

A very hair-raising jam, ‘Njeri’ is the song being treated to massive airplay across Kenya, especially because besides the thrilling beats, the artists tend to envision a real-life situation that several youths can easily identify with.

‘Njeri’ is a song about girls who enter into relationships with men but after dating for some time find it so difficult to commit and because of that they keep straying after other men.

As they perform ‘Njeri’, Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes paint a scene of things that thousands of youths see happening in their daily lives, especially among couples in their communities.

Being a song that people easily relate with ‘Njeri’ is becoming one of the popular jams in various parts of Kenya and other Swahili-speaking countries, because there are so many women like Njeri not only in Kenya but also in other countries.

‘Njeri’ is available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above.


Ladies, Do Men Really Tell Lies?


By Isaac Tugume

We all agree that the complexities of relationships involve lots of lies, right from two people hooking up, to dating, and later settling down together or even getting married.

However, if you have watched ‘Men Can Lie’, a scintillating video by Kenyan artists Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, you will have a clearer picture of the various types of lies that men tell women they intend to lay or hook up with.

In this song, Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina delve into a liturgy of these sweet lies, which range from men enticing women with drinks like beer or wine, to luring them with niceties like money or material things, yet at the end of the day they intend to get them into bed!

A very important eye-opener, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a jam that was delivered for both entertainment and educative purposes, and it’s because of this the video is dominating the music landscape in East Africa currently, with over 307K YouTube views and counting during the first two weeks of its debut.

Spare a moment to tap the link above to stream the ‘Men Can Lie’ video on YouTube and you will get the gist of the matter here!




‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Goes To South America


By Isaac Tugume

Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina, and Ssaru are taking Kenyan music to the world with their latest video dubbed ‘Men Can Lie’, which is now rocking fans in South America.

We have established that ‘Men Can Lie’ is not only thrilling Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and African countries but has since crossed to other continents and chances are high that within no time it will have circulated the world over.

If you don’t believe this, here are some of the comments from fans in South America who have already experienced the video;

@gabrielsanchez8930 from Grenada said; “Equipo ganador Que Mujeres de Cantan con todo se apasionan por lo Que hacen son artistas de verdad y únicos, which can be translated to mean in English that; ‘Winning team! That Women of  They sing with everything, they are passionate about what they do, they are true and unique artists.”

Another fan from Suriname identified as @Lewisjaha had this to say; “I am listening all the way from Suriname. The melody and vocals are top. I love Africa.”

It is important to note that what’s making the ‘Men Can Lie’ video trend across the globe is the captivating theme of the song, whereby the artists present the jam as a wake-up call for women across the world to know that men are full of sneaky lies.




‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Causes Rapture In E. Africa


By Isaac Tugume

Vic West has since ignited an inferno across East Africa with his volatile banger dubbed ‘Men Can Lie’, an all-star collabo featuring Teslah, Sylvia Ssaru, and Brandy Maina.

A very scintillating Afrobeat tune, ‘Men Can Lie’ is the song that’s not only trending on airwaves but has also become a point of discussion among music analysts across Africa.

This is mainly because besides being a volatile banger, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a track that tends to root for women empowerment and emancipation, which perhaps explains why over 288K fans are already streaming the video on YouTube.

‘Men Can Lie’ was made in such a way that each verse in the song echoes the diverse musical background and exceptional creativity of its creators, a combination of which makes it so irresistible.

Indeed, when Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina set out to work on this project, little did they know that it would turn out to be explosive as it is, and because of this, ‘Men Can Lie’ has since taken the Kenyan music scene by storm.

Dive straight into the revelations of the lies men tell women by tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube!




‘Men Can Lie’ Video By Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru & Brandy Maina Crosses To Tanzania


By Isaac Tugume

Vic West’s latest music video dubbed ‘Men Can Lie’, which he performs with Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina has since crossed over the borders of Kenya and is now rocking fans in neighbouring Tanzania.  

The fans in Tanzania who have already gotten hooked to ‘Men Can Lie’ are already streaming the video relentlessly on YouTube, while others are enjoying the jam in nightclubs and bars.

Among them is  OfficialSemah, who commented thus after streaming the video on YouTube; “From Tanzania amazing and song sounds good right…Kenya wapi like za Vic West  of Ssaru men can lie weka hapa like zote hapa number one.”

Well, it’s now becoming increasingly obvious that ‘Men Can Lie’ is now an international hit because the jam is not only attracting immense attention in Tanzania but also in other countries across Africa and beyond.

Currently boasting over 276K YouTube views and still counting just 12 days after its premiere, ‘Men Can Lie’ is the song making everyone talk, especially because everyone, both men and women, relate to the song.

Please go stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above, because even if you have watched it before, it’s worth being included on the replay list!