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Nande Boyz To Unveil Fresh Drop ‘Wish’ On Tagy TV


By Isaac Tugume

All fans of Congolese music should gather here small-small because the singing duo Nande Boyz has something very special for you today on Tagy TV, where they are set to officially unveil their latest single dubbed ‘Wish’.

We have learnt that the Nande Boyz are to be hosted today on Tagy TV’s popular show dubbed Boom Friday, for an exclusive interview starting 10:00Pm EAT.

Following this development, Tagy TV viewers are in for a special treat today, because the Nande Boyz will not only be unveiling ‘Wish’ but will also sample some of their other jams like ‘Panadol’, ‘Souci’, ‘Loyal’ to mention but a few.

It is important to note that in ‘Wish’, the Nande Boyz present a situation whereby they urge people not to wish others bad things because they are not immune to misfortune too.

‘Wish’ is a song that is mainly about spreading positive energy and vibes, to create an environment where people coexist in harmony and everyone enjoys their fair share of life.

Make sure therefore that you tune in to Tagy TV this evening to catch up with the Nande Boyz as they premiere this jam but remember that ‘Wish’ is already available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above.

‘Wish’ By Nande Boyz Is Highly Provocative



By Isaac Tugume

They say tit for tat is a fair game and that you should not wish others what you don’t want to happen to you; that’s exactly what ‘Wish’, a fresh release by Congolese group Nande Boyz, is all about.

In most cases people wish others bad luck, forgetting the adage which says, ‘Be careful what you wish for….’; but through their captivating single ‘Wish’, Nande Boyz are here to remind everyone to always be careful when wishing others bad things, to avoid a boomerang situation.

A highly provocative song, ‘Wish’ isn’t a jam for the weak-hearted, because this song points to one thing; that the Nande Boyz are not here to mince words but to call a spade a spade!

With this studio project, the Nande Boyz are surely taking Congolese music to the world, because ‘Wish’ is a song that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who listens to it, no matter what part of the globe they are.

‘Wish’ is the kind of jam that compels every listener to immerse themselves into the captivating beats and well-curated lyrics to have a real feel of what Nande Boyz have to say.

Simply tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube but believe it or not, you won’t remain the same after experiencing this track!




‘Wish’ By Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Hits Everyone Differently



By Isaac Tugume

Congolese singing group Nandeyboz is leaving a lasting impression on everyone who has encountered their latest release titled ‘Wish’, a song that’s hitting everyone differently.

Have you ever wished something bad to happen to someone; or put the other way around, has someone ever wished bad things to happen to you?

Well, this is kind of situation Nandeboyz describe in ‘Wish’, because almost everyone has experienced the kind of situation that they endevaour to present to the audience in this song.

If you’re into listening to music with a purpose then ‘Wish’ is the kind of song you should be vibing to, because Nandeboyz are here to pass on a message that’s vital for the survival of humanity through this song.

Indeed, some of their fans are falling so much in love with ‘Wish’ to the extent that they have since declared it the street anthem of 2024 because almost all of them are familiar with the scenario that the Nandeboyz paint as they perform this jam.

Spare a moment to tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube and you will thank us later because this is the kind of song that shouldn’t miss on everyone’s playlist!




‘Wish’ By Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Making Waves Across East Africa


By Isaac Tugume

Congolese musical group Nandeboyz is causing a buzz around East Africa with their latest tune dubbed ‘Wish’, which is rocking fans from Kinshasa to Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam, Kampala, Juba, and beyond!

‘Wish’ is a very motivational song that is not only doing much at boosting Nandeboyz as a brand but also positioning the duo as one of the music groups to watch, because they bring new flavour and uniqueness to Congolese music.

A blend of electrifying easy-to-grasp lyrics with Afro-beats and Urban-Congo beats, Nandeboyz presents ‘Wish’ in a very captivating style that awes every listener the very first they encounter the song.

What’s more is that they delve into the complexities of life, painting a picture of people wishing those around them bad luck, not knowing that the misfortune they wish for others can befall them.

The message and themes of the song make ‘Wish’ a track that can be enjoyed by people of all ages whether at home, in a nightclub, or bar, because it’s a wholesome package that has a bit of something for everyone.

By the way, with just a single tap on the link above everyone can now stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube so just hit it!






 Nandeboyz Rouse Karma With Fresh Single ‘Wish’





By Isaac Tugume

 They say Karma is a b*tch because the bad things you wish others might happen to you; that’s what ‘Wish’, a new jam by Congolese musical duo the Nandeboyz, is all about!

‘Wish’, a song that is now booming on airwaves in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries across East Africa, is not just a piece of musical entertainment, but also a very important message for everyone who intends to live a meaningful life with other people.

This is because all that the Nandeboyz want is for everyone to know that it’s not good to wish others bad luck. After all, it might boomerang for the one who wishes it on others.

Indeed, Nandeboyz couldn’t have presented their message better than they did through this song, because they packaged it in a way that it’s not only easy to grasp but also with captivating beats and a very electrifying rhythm, a combination that makes it so dope!

A very thought-provoking tune, ‘Wish’ is another studio project that cements the legacy that the Nandeboyz have set over time as musicians with very impactful music.

Don’t waste any more time if you haven’t streamed this jam; just tap the link to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube!

Nandeboyz Have No Kind Words For Haters In New Drop ‘Wish’


By Isaac Tugume

Congolese group Nandeboyz is out to let the world know that they have no space for haters in their lives; they do so through their new release dubbed ‘Wish’, a track that is already being streamed on YouTube and digital platforms by thousands of their fans.

Believe it or not, no one wants to live in an environment that is full of haters, who instead of wishing others good luck only have bad Wishes for them.

This is the exact message in ‘Wish’, a song that officially thrusts Nandeboyz into the limelight again.

“What you wish me is what I wish you,” is the overriding line in the song and a vital lifetime lesson that the Nandeboyz want to share with the rest of the world, especially people who wish others bad luck.

It is a very insightful song that Nandeboyz hope to positively impact the world because they address a real-life situation that countless people can easily identify with, reason why the song is already being streamed by scores on YouTube.

You too can enjoy this jam by tapping the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube.


Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Unveil Sizzling New Single ‘Wish’




By Isaac Tugume

Dynamic singing duo the Nandeboyz, a group that hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has unleashed a brand-new jam titled ‘Wish’, which is bound to rock East Africa for eternity.

In ‘Wish’ Nandeboyz are out to warn everyone to desist from wishing others bad things because the misfortune you wish for someone else can befall you!

Performed in Swahili, Lingala, and a bit of English, ‘Wish’ is a song that comes with all indications of becoming a thriller in East Africa, since Nandeboyz target a multiplicity of audiences with this tune that speak the three languages.

The beats and rhythm of the song are in perfect sync with the message that Nandeboyz intend to deliver to their audience and because of this, chances are high that the song will resonate well with their fans.

A very thought-provoking song, ‘Wish’ is not just a mere musical masterpiece but also some sort of food for thought, especially for people who are fond of wishing others bad luck.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube, because this is a song that everyone ought to spare some time to listen to if you live a harmonious and fruitful life.




Congolese Group Nandeboyz To Drop Fresh Jam After ‘Panadol’ Video


By Isaac Tugume

Nandeboyz, a Congolese singing duo that has on YouTube a captivating video dubbed ‘Panadol’, is set to drop a new single titled ‘Wish’, which is debuting on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday, January 26th, 2024

‘Wish’, which is their second studio project this year, is bound to solidify the Nandeboyz as a group of musicians that are here to galvanize their fans across East Africa by bombarding them with one dope hit after another!

Known for their electrifying jams, ‘Wish’ is another dope creation by Nandeboyz that will leave their fans nodding in approval after reaching a consensus that these dudes never disappoint every time they work on a studio project.

Meanwhile, as we wait for them to release ‘Wish’, let’s not forget Nande Boyz continue to rock fans with ‘Panadol’, a very metaphorical love song that is being streamed by over 28K people on YouTube and still counting.

In ‘Panadol’, Nandeboyz focus on the healing power of love, letting their audience understand that a man who finds a woman he truly loves finds a pain killer that is as effective as Panadol tablets.

Guys, watch this space for details about their forthcoming jam but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream ‘Panadol’ on YouTube.