‘Wish’ By Congolese Duo Nandeboyz Hits Everyone Differently



By Isaac Tugume

Congolese singing group Nandeyboz is leaving a lasting impression on everyone who has encountered their latest release titled ‘Wish’, a song that’s hitting everyone differently.

Have you ever wished something bad to happen to someone; or put the other way around, has someone ever wished bad things to happen to you?

Well, this is kind of situation Nandeboyz describe in ‘Wish’, because almost everyone has experienced the kind of situation that they endevaour to present to the audience in this song.

If you’re into listening to music with a purpose then ‘Wish’ is the kind of song you should be vibing to, because Nandeboyz are here to pass on a message that’s vital for the survival of humanity through this song.

Indeed, some of their fans are falling so much in love with ‘Wish’ to the extent that they have since declared it the street anthem of 2024 because almost all of them are familiar with the scenario that the Nandeboyz paint as they perform this jam.

Spare a moment to tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube and you will thank us later because this is the kind of song that shouldn’t miss on everyone’s playlist!




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