Nina Roz Expresses Undying Love In Captivating Single ‘Nwanilaako’



By Isaac Tugume

If you don’t believe that true love exists, then you haven’t listened to ‘Nwanilaako’, a very sensational jam by famous Ugandan artist Nina Roz.

One of the tracks dominating the Ugandan music scene currently, ‘Nwanilaako’, which has since gone viral on TikTok and several other social media platforms, is an unmatched expression of true, everlasting love.

The seduction and lusciousness that Nina Roz oozes as she performs this song are enough to make everyone fall in love with not only ‘Nwanilaako’ but the singer too!

A complete reflection of what transpires in the mind of every woman who is in love, ‘Nwanilaako’, which is being streamed by over 93K fans on YouTube, is the kind of jam that every couple ought to have on their Must-play list.

This explains why the song is already in rotation on airwaves across the country because based on the response it’s attracting, it seems tens of thousands of fans just can’t get enough of ‘Nwanilaako’.

Believe it or not, you can never know the exact meaning of true love if you don’t hear it from Nina Roz herself and it’s because of this that we invite you to tap the link above to stream ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube.


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