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Watch: ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Takes Over Ugandan Night Clubs & Bars  


By Isaac Tugume

Famous Ugandan musician Nina Roz is causing a buzz across the country with her runaway hit ‘Nwanilaako’, which is now booming in various nightclubs, bars, and hangouts.

Our scouts moving around Kampala and its suburbs reveal that ‘Nwanilaako’ is currently one of the jams dominating the party scene in the country and because of this, DJs at almost every happening spot are playing the song back-to-back due to endless requests for it from the partiers.

Some of the city nightclubs where partiers storm to enjoy ‘Nwanilaako’ include; Laxi Lounge Wampewo, East Gate Kasangati, and Bombardia Lounge Zzana, among others.

Video clips collected by our scouts at most of these nightclubs prove that Ugandan partiers have since embraced ‘Nwanilaako’ as many of them are seen vibing to the jam as they sip their drinks.

But that’s not all, besides thrilling partiers across the country, ‘Nwanilaako’  also continues to attract tens of thousands of YouTube streams, with the video now boasting over 125K views and still counting.

This means that if your favourite bar or nightclub doesn’t play ‘Nwanilaako’ you need not worry because you can still stream the jam on YouTube by tapping the link above!




Nina Roz Delivers Special Valentine’s Day Message For Lovers In ‘Nwanilaako’


By Isaac Tugume

Today is Valentine’s Day and lovers across the world are celebrating the gift of love, however, have you guys checked out ‘Nwanilaako’, a soothing love jam by Ugandan diva Nina Roz?

In ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz serves her audience a message that is vital for everyone in a relationship because much as the song is enticing to listen to it’s also roots for stability in a relationship and the will for a man to put up a fight for the woman he claims to love.

In essence, Nina Roz wants the world to know that it is perfectly fine for a man to fight or do everything to keep his woman because this shows her that you care about your relationship and indeed, in most cases, women want men to fight more for their relationship.

Lady, if the man you’re dating currently is the kind that can’t fight for you or do everything possible for the success of your relationship, you might want to do some self-reflection and ask yourself if he’s your true valentine.

And by the way, if you still doubt the message that Nina Roz brings to the world this Valentine’s Day in ‘Nwanilaako’ then it’s highly advisable that you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube, because only then will you believe her!



NTV To Host Nina Roz For Official Unveiling Of ‘Nwanilaako’ Video


By Isaac Tugume

Leading Ugandan TV station NTV Uganda is today set to premiere ‘Nwanilaako’, a spanking hot new video by popular musician Nina Roz

Nina Roz will this evening officially unveil the ‘Nwanilaako’ video on NTV The Beat, where she will be hosted for an exclusive interview by the The Beat show crew that includes;  Dagy Nice, Lynda Ddane, DJ Baby Love and others.

Now, all said and done, it is important to note that NTV The Beat doesn’t premiere every other song that is released in Uganda, because countless songs are released every day.

So, taking the initiative to host Nina Roz to publicly unveil her latest music video ‘Nwanilaako’ means one thing; that the Ugandan audience has since embraced this jam and not only wants to enjoy more of it but also wants to see the face behind it!

And, with over 121K fans streaming the video on YouTube, we can ably assert that ‘Nwanilaako’ is currently one of the biggest hits in the country, because the jam is not only being widely streamed on the internet but is also dominating the Ugandan party scene.

Make it a point to tune in to NTV The Beat show this evening starting at 5:00Pm to watch the ‘Nwanilaako’ premiere and to interact with Nina Roz, but don’t forget that you can still stream the video on YouTube by tapping  the link above.



Nina Roz To Premiere ‘Nwanilaako’  Video On Bukedde TV


By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan musician Nina Roz is set to officially unveil her latest music video dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’ today, on popular local station Bukedde TV.

Nina Roz will be the official guest artist on Bukedde TV’s lunch-hour show called Oluyimba Lwo, during which she will premiere ‘Nwanilaako’, a song that has since changed the Ugandan music landscape for the better.

But, besides premiering the ‘Nwanilaako’ video, Nina Roz, who will be at the TV station for an exclusive interview, will also share with Bukedde TV viewers all about her music journey, taking the audience through the ups and downs in the industry, plus some of her successful studio projects like ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Wangi’, ‘Kikole’, ‘Enyonta’, among others.

Confirming her appearance on Bukedde TV today, Nina Roz posted on X (Twitter) that;

“One of the most expensive things you could ever do is pay attention to the wrong people.

“Olwasoka nti elyo buba ………!! Join me on @bukeddetv #oluyimbalwo 1pm #nwanilako”

Well, let’s all make sure to tune in to Bukedde TV at 1:00Pm, because today’s show is not only spiced and flavoured up but is also unmissable.

But don’t forget that the ‘Nwanilaako’ video is already being streamed by over 120K fans on YouTube and you too can join them by tapping the link above.



Ugandan DJs Embrace ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz


By Isaac Tugume

Several disc spinners in Uganda have fallen in love with ‘Nwanilaako’, a banger by songbird Nina Roz, which has since become a massive hit in the country.

‘Nwanilaako’ is currently one of the freshest jams dominating DJ Playlists for various disc spinners on many TV and radio stations in the country, while others are playing the song back-to-back in nightclubs, bars, and at entertainment events.

Top among the Ugandan DJs who have embraced ‘Nwanilaako’ are DJ Vee of NRG Radio, DJ Manxpat of Urban TV, DJ Ricky, and DJ Romeo, who perform at top night clubs in Kampala, among others.

The massive airplay being accorded to ‘Nwanilaako’ across the country means one thing; Ugandans have since fallen in love with this jam so much that they want to keep listening and vibing to it!

This is highlighted by the over 300 thousand fans who are streaming ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube, whereby the video has attracted over 89K views, while the audio boasts over 123K and counting.

The wave that Nina Roz stirred in the country with ‘Nwanilaako’ is not about to sate and if you intend to make your weekend a blast, it’s the jam for you; just tap the link above!




‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Takes Over Ugandan TV & Radio Stations


By Isaac Tugume

Nina Roz has several TV and radio stations across Uganda buzzing with her latest release dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’, a song that has since sparked a frenzy among tens of thousands of her fans.

Since it’s one of the hottest new jams on the Ugandan music scene currently, almost every TV viewer and radio listener is yearning to have a piece of ‘Nwanilaako’.

A very relatable song, ‘Nwanilaako’ serves as a reminder to us all that love is a beautiful and complex emotion that has the power to uplift, inspire, and bring us immense joy, so we shouldn’t give up on people who love us.

Nina Roz however highlights the fact that although people in relationships may face several challenges, it’s during those moments that they should remember the power of love and the significance of perseverance.

Being such an uplifting song, ‘Nwanilaako’ has the attention of several people, with the video boasting over 72K YouTube views while the audio has so far garnered over 123K views and counting.

But the good news is that in case you haven’t chanced upon ‘Nwanilaako’ either on your favourite TV or radio station, just tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube!



‘Nwanilaako’ Video By Nina Roz Trending In Uganda


By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is booming with ‘Nwanilaako’, a music video by famous songbird Nina Roz, which has since sparked a frenzy among thousands of her fans across the country.

‘Nwanilaako’, which is a mind-blowing visual masterpiece, is not only being aired back-to-back on almost all TV stations in the country but is also trending on social media platform X (Twitter), which is huge mileage for Nina Roz.

Trending on X and other social media platforms means that ‘Nwanilaako’ is a jam that has since been welcomed with a standing ovation from the Ugandan audience.

This also explains why the video is posting over 52K YouTube views and counting during the first two days of its debut.

There is, therefore, no more doubt or questions about whether ‘Nwanilaako’ is a certified hit or not, because the immense attention that the song is attracting from Ugandan music enthusiasts everywhere can easily attest to this.

In case you haven’t experienced this exhilarating video yet we wonder what you are still waiting for, because you’re missing out on lots of joyous moments.

All you have to do is tap the link above to stream the ‘Nwanilaako’ video on YouTube.




‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Floods Ugandan TV Stations



By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated musician Nina Roz is causing a frenzy on various Ugandan TV stations with her latest music video dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’, which is being accorded massive airplay across Kampala and other parts of the country.

Several TV stations have taken to airing the ‘Nwanilaako’ video hour per hour, due to the excessive demand from viewers all over Uganda for this video, because it is so lit and not easy to get enough of!

Some of the TV stations that have since embraced ‘Nwanilaako’ include; NTV, BBS, Spark TV, Star TV, KBS TV, BTM TV, and STV, among others, an indication that this jam has a strong grip on the Ugandan audience and all Nina Roz’s fans everywhere.

Meanwhile, besides being a sensation on TV stations, the ‘Nwanilaako’ video is also attracting tens of thousands of streams on YouTube, with over 30K views and still counting so far, just two days after its premiere.

With ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz indeed kicked off the new year with high veracity and the studio project solidifies the fact that she is still on top of her game.

However, you don’t have to wait for your favourite TV channel to air the ‘Nwanilaako’ video  when you can stream it instantly on YouTube by tapping the link above.



Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?


By Isaac Tugume

Dear ladies, we know many of you are in relationships, but the most important question is; is your relationship worth fighting for?

If you don’t know, or you’re not sure about this, then you haven’t experienced ‘Nwanilaako’, a sizzling jam by Ugandan artist Nina Roz, which is being streamed by thousands of people on YouTube!

In ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz is out to open everyone’s eyes, telling women especially that if you are married to or dating a man who cannot fight to keep you then there could be something wrong with the relationship.

Nina Roz makes use of thrilling Afrobeats and sensational lyrics to drive her point home as she performs ‘Nwanilaako’, and by doing so conjures up a captivating musical piece that enthralls everyone who encounters this song.

Indeed, as you read this, the ‘Nwanilaako’ video is already doing rounds on various TV stations across the country, because in this song Nina Roz not only drops a timeless classic but also a very informative musical piece that is bound to shape relationships among the youths for several years to come.

If you haven’t watched the video yet just caress the link above to stream it on YouTube, because Nina Roz has a very vital message for everyone in ‘Nwanilaako’!

‘Nwanilaako’ Video By Nina Roz Debuts On YouTube


By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan musician Nina Roz has unveiled the official music video for her freshest single dubbed ‘Nwanilaako’, which debuted today on YouTube, and is soon flooding TV stations across the country.

A masterpiece that is bound to shake the Ugandan music scene, ‘Nwanilaako’, which is Nina Roz’s first music project for 2024, is here to solidify her position as one of Uganda’s most enterprising female artists.

The scenes and acts in the ‘Nwanilaako’ video were well-curated, with the intent to leave a lasting impression on everyone who experiences the visuals, thanks to Nina Roz’s unique style which she exhibits in all her music projects.

In ‘Nwanilaako’, which is a very captivating song, Nina Roz is out to educate men on why they must always be able to fight for their women because women want men who can go to extra lengths to keep them.

In essence, she takes it upon herself to give men a few tips on what they can do to keep their women from straying, emphasizing the little things that matter in a woman’s life.

The ‘Nwanilaako’ video is a very artistic creation that will require Nina Roz’s fans to immerse themselves in the visuals if they are to have a clearer image of what she is saying in this song.