‘Nwanilaako’ Video By Nina Roz Trending In Uganda


By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is booming with ‘Nwanilaako’, a music video by famous songbird Nina Roz, which has since sparked a frenzy among thousands of her fans across the country.

‘Nwanilaako’, which is a mind-blowing visual masterpiece, is not only being aired back-to-back on almost all TV stations in the country but is also trending on social media platform X (Twitter), which is huge mileage for Nina Roz.

Trending on X and other social media platforms means that ‘Nwanilaako’ is a jam that has since been welcomed with a standing ovation from the Ugandan audience.

This also explains why the video is posting over 52K YouTube views and counting during the first two days of its debut.

There is, therefore, no more doubt or questions about whether ‘Nwanilaako’ is a certified hit or not, because the immense attention that the song is attracting from Ugandan music enthusiasts everywhere can easily attest to this.

In case you haven’t experienced this exhilarating video yet we wonder what you are still waiting for, because you’re missing out on lots of joyous moments.

All you have to do is tap the link above to stream the ‘Nwanilaako’ video on YouTube.




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