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‘Nwanilaako’ Video By Nina Roz Trending In Uganda


By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is booming with ‘Nwanilaako’, a music video by famous songbird Nina Roz, which has since sparked a frenzy among thousands of her fans across the country.

‘Nwanilaako’, which is a mind-blowing visual masterpiece, is not only being aired back-to-back on almost all TV stations in the country but is also trending on social media platform X (Twitter), which is huge mileage for Nina Roz.

Trending on X and other social media platforms means that ‘Nwanilaako’ is a jam that has since been welcomed with a standing ovation from the Ugandan audience.

This also explains why the video is posting over 52K YouTube views and counting during the first two days of its debut.

There is, therefore, no more doubt or questions about whether ‘Nwanilaako’ is a certified hit or not, because the immense attention that the song is attracting from Ugandan music enthusiasts everywhere can easily attest to this.

In case you haven’t experienced this exhilarating video yet we wonder what you are still waiting for, because you’re missing out on lots of joyous moments.

All you have to do is tap the link above to stream the ‘Nwanilaako’ video on YouTube.




Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?


By Isaac Tugume

Dear ladies, we know many of you are in relationships, but the most important question is; is your relationship worth fighting for?

If you don’t know, or you’re not sure about this, then you haven’t experienced ‘Nwanilaako’, a sizzling jam by Ugandan artist Nina Roz, which is being streamed by thousands of people on YouTube!

In ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz is out to open everyone’s eyes, telling women especially that if you are married to or dating a man who cannot fight to keep you then there could be something wrong with the relationship.

Nina Roz makes use of thrilling Afrobeats and sensational lyrics to drive her point home as she performs ‘Nwanilaako’, and by doing so conjures up a captivating musical piece that enthralls everyone who encounters this song.

Indeed, as you read this, the ‘Nwanilaako’ video is already doing rounds on various TV stations across the country, because in this song Nina Roz not only drops a timeless classic but also a very informative musical piece that is bound to shape relationships among the youths for several years to come.

If you haven’t watched the video yet just caress the link above to stream it on YouTube, because Nina Roz has a very vital message for everyone in ‘Nwanilaako’!

‘Maama Wo’ Singer Daddy Andre Lands Nomination In Galaxy FM Awards





By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan music ace Daddy Andre, who has out a fresh single titled ‘Maama Wo’, has scooped a nomination in the annual Galaxy FM Zzina awards in the category of Best Song Writer.

Daddy Andre, who is one of Uganda’s prolific songwriters and singers, is battling for the accolade in this category with other artists like; Dokta Brain, Nessim and Fyno, although given his legacy, he is likely to end up taking the award.

This is mainly because Daddy Andre is one of Uganda’s legendary songwriters who has written several chartbuster songs that to date continue to dominate Uganda’s music landscape.

But besides writing songs for other artists, Daddy Andre also writes many of his songs, and his latest release dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, which is a pulsating club banger, is one of the jams rocking his fans across the country.

In ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre delivered a timeless party tune that is being enjoyed by a multiplicity of audiences both within Uganda and in other countries because the jam is a sizzling Afrobeats explosion!

Spare a moment to tap the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YuTube and you’ll get convinced to vote for Daddy Andre as the Best Songwriter in the Galaxy FM Zzina awards 2023/2024.


Branic Benzie Stirs Emotions With Fresh Single ‘Searching’ ft. Daddy Andre




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artists Branic Benzie and Daddy Andre recently teamed up on a new track titled ‘Searching’, a song that stirs intense sweet emotions for whoever encounters it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet someone, and get along with them so well it feels like you were destined to be together but all of a sudden, they disappear from your life and all you have to do is search for them?

Well, that’s the exact situation that Branic Benzie and Daddy Andre attempt to describe in ‘Searching’, because at some point the feeling becomes so unbearable that you can’t help but keep searching for that someone.

This particular song takes the storyline of a man who is in love with a woman whom he met some time back but they later parted ways, leaving him with no choice but to keep ‘Searching’ for her, with the hope that one day he will find her again.

It’s a song that everyone who has ever been in this kind of situation will easily relate to because, at some point in life, we’ve all found ourselves searching for someone, especially if they had a positive impact on our lives.

Go stream ‘Searching’ on YouTube by tapping the link above, because it’s a song that speaks to us all!

Thousands Embrace ‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandans are embracing Daddy Andre’s latest offering dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, which is a reverberating party tune, in their thousands!

A song that has been well-received by fans from across the country, ‘Maama Wo’ is increasingly becoming a must-play especially in nightclubs, bars, and at wedding parties, because it’s a jam that’s meant for special, merrymaking moments.

The thousands of streams the song is attracting on YouTube and digital platforms highlights the positive reception that ‘Maama Wo’ is attracting from Daddy Andre’s fans in all corners of the country.

Maama Wo’ is a song that is easy to listen to and has a relaxed, cool feel it brings about for those who experience it, making it the perfect jam for listening to any day, any time.

Known for creating music that’s fresh and unique, in ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre delivers a masterpiece in a special style that is making his fans fall in love with the song en masse. This explains why the audio is being streamed by over 41K people on YouTube and counting.

If there is anyone out there who hasn’t had a feel of ‘Maama Wo’ then you don’t know what you are missing out on because this banger is the latest and hottest vibe in town.

Simply tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube instantly!


‘Maama Wo’ By Dance Andre Is A Dancehall Mashup




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan music maestro Daddy Andre is mashing up the dancehall everywhere with his freshest drop dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, which has tens of thousands of fans vibing to his tune.

With ‘Maama Wo’, Daddy Andre is here to let the world know that although very few people know it, there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them; that’s why he delivered a dance-inducing song!

It is because of this that everyone who experiences ‘Maama Wo’ instantly gets swept away by its intensity because this is not the usual kind of music many of Daddy Andre’s fans expected from him.

The jam is not just infectious but also gives everyone a chance to try out their dancing moves and is another showcase of Daddy Andre’s exceptional artistic vision, creativity, and commitment to making a lasting impact in the world through his music.

And, if you doubt this, then how do you explain the over 40K fans who are streaming ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube simply because they’ve found the song so irresistible?

Although Daddy Andre has released several bangers over the years, ‘Maama Wo’ goes a step further in proving that he is indeed a visionary artist whose music not only sparks deep thought, but also inspires listeners to get immersed in it.


Stream the audio on YouTube by tapping the link above, or on your preferred digital platforms.


Knock Yourself Out As You Groove To ‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre



By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan music ace Daddy Andre’s latest drop, a single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, is a total knockout for everyone who experiences it, because with this jam, he is taking Ugandan dancehall music to the next level.

Dropped on YouTube and digital platforms a few days ago, ‘Maama Wo’ is the tune turning up the party at various venues around the country, because it is such a reverberating club banger.

‘Maama Wo’ is a whole music adventure that will take Daddy Andre’s fans on a rollercoaster of endless joyous moments, because it’s a song that combines love, passion, and adoration with intense enjoyability.

Although Daddy Andre doesn’t get the props that he so richly deserves for being a key contributor to Uganda’s music industry, every studio project he releases continues to solidify his position as one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen.

His versatile self and creativity have enabled him to relentlessly release timeless music that appeals to various audiences, reason why people of all ages enjoy every song he drops.

With ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre is out to prove to the world that he is the best at what he does and that he is incomparable to none when it comes to doing his music thing!

Please tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube and have a blast!

‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre Becomes Certified Ugandan Hit




By Isaac Tugume

Daddy Andre’s latest single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’ has since become a certified banger in Uganda, and as you read this, it’s one of the thrilling  jams that are trending on the Ugandan party scene!

A heart-pounding Afropop tune, ‘Maama Wo’ is a song that turns up the heat on the dancefloor whenever and wherever it gets played, reason why thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans are increasingly falling in love with this tune.

Matter of fact, ‘Maama Wo’, which boasts over 38K YouTube views and counting, is fast turning into some sort of infatuation for tens of thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans, because the jam triggers sweet feelings for everyone who dedicates their time to listening to it either on the radio, YouTube or digital platforms.

Dude, if you are dating a woman or girlfriend who has never introduced you to your would-be mother-in-law (her Mama) then you ought to think twice about your relationship because women only take the men they love to their Mamas; this is what ‘Maama Wo’ is all about.

A banger that took almost everybody by surprise, ‘Maama Wo’ not only easily proves that Daddy Andre is one of the top Afropop acts in East Africa today, but that also his consistency in the game proves he was destined for greatness from the start.

Please, click the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube if the DJ at your favourite nightclub or bar doesn’t know about it so that you can bring them up to speed with this pulsing hit!


‘Maama Wo’ By daddy Andre Hits Different





By Isaac Tugume

If you haven’t come across a reverberating club banger that will hit you like some rare kind of high you have never experienced before, then you ought to check out Daddy Andre’s latest hit dubbed ‘Maama Wo’.

‘Maama Wo’ is a head-pounding jam that makes everyone’s heart skip a beat the moment it starts booming because the vibe with which Daddy Andre performs this song makes every listener feel like showcasing their dancing skills.

The song is about a man, who, after discovering that he has hooked up with the woman of his life, pleads with her to introduce him to her mother because he wants to settle down with her.

Under normal circumstances, almost every man yearns for an opportunity to be introduced to his mother-in-law by his girlfriend because the moment she does it, it means she is ready to settle down with him; this is exactly the scenario that Daddy Andre alludes to in ‘Maama Wo.’

Daddy Andre employs impeccable flow and captivating wordplay which immediately draw thousands of listeners to ‘Maama Wo’ and whoever doubts this should explain why over 39K fans are streaming the song on YouTube and others blasting it away on their stereos!

Dude, if you intend to settle down with your better half, then make sure you listen to Daddy Andre’s ‘Maama Wo’ with her because she will get the message loud and clear; just tap the link above to stream the song on YouTube.



Daddy Andre Gets Ugandans Groovy With Fresh Tune ‘Maama Wo’



By Isaac Tugume

Music guru Daddy Andre is giving every Ugandan all reasons to get groovy with his freshest tune titled ‘Maama Wo’, which is one of the pulsating bangers in the country currently.

A dance-party tune that he performs with electrifying energy and thrilling vibes, ‘Maama Wo’ stands as a formidable force in the ever-evolving landscape of the Ugandan music industry, thanks to Daddy Andre’s dynamism and creativity in this game.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys music that takes you to higher altitudes, then Daddy Andre will take you to the horizon with ‘Maama Wo’, because it is a jam that is not only infectious but also explosive.

With over 38K fans now streaming the audio on YouTube there is no way anyone can assert that ‘Maama Wo’ isn’t a certified smash hit, because like just as they say; the numbers don’t lie!

One thing to note is that as this song continues to make waves in the Ugandan music industry, it also remains a crucial element in  Daddy Andre’s musical journey, ensuring that his unique voice and talent resonate with music lovers not only in Uganda but also in other parts of the world.