‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre Becomes Certified Ugandan Hit




By Isaac Tugume

Daddy Andre’s latest single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’ has since become a certified banger in Uganda, and as you read this, it’s one of the thrilling  jams that are trending on the Ugandan party scene!

A heart-pounding Afropop tune, ‘Maama Wo’ is a song that turns up the heat on the dancefloor whenever and wherever it gets played, reason why thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans are increasingly falling in love with this tune.

Matter of fact, ‘Maama Wo’, which boasts over 38K YouTube views and counting, is fast turning into some sort of infatuation for tens of thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans, because the jam triggers sweet feelings for everyone who dedicates their time to listening to it either on the radio, YouTube or digital platforms.

Dude, if you are dating a woman or girlfriend who has never introduced you to your would-be mother-in-law (her Mama) then you ought to think twice about your relationship because women only take the men they love to their Mamas; this is what ‘Maama Wo’ is all about.

A banger that took almost everybody by surprise, ‘Maama Wo’ not only easily proves that Daddy Andre is one of the top Afropop acts in East Africa today, but that also his consistency in the game proves he was destined for greatness from the start.

Please, click the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube if the DJ at your favourite nightclub or bar doesn’t know about it so that you can bring them up to speed with this pulsing hit!


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