Ghana On Fire With Kwesi Mafia’s Hottest Drop ‘Money Love’

By Isaac Tugume

Kwesi Mafia recently sparked a raging fire across Ghana with his latest video dubbed ‘Money Love’, which has been causing mayhem on the Ghanaian party scene ever since he dropped it a few days ago.

‘Money Love’, which is arguably Kwesi Mafia’s biggest studio project this year, has thousands of fans paying attention to whatever he has to say in this song, especially because the love for money is a universal feeling that can’t be ignored by anyone, whether young or old, pagan or believer, educated or not!
This is the kind of song you can only ignore at your peril because if you think Kwesi Mafia is joking, then try living a life without money and you will understand what he is saying in ‘Money Love’ perfectly well!

Even though he has released several songs during the time he has been a part of the industry, ‘Money Love’ proves that Kwesi Mafia is one of the best storytellers in Ghana, because he usually tells the story the way it is and most of his stories are about the lives Ghanaian ghetto youths live, which is characterized by endless hustles for money.

Just in case you haven’t streamed the video yet on YouTube, now is the right moment, because thousands of other fans are already vibing to this tune; please tap the link above.

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