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‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre Becomes Certified Ugandan Hit




By Isaac Tugume

Daddy Andre’s latest single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’ has since become a certified banger in Uganda, and as you read this, it’s one of the thrilling  jams that are trending on the Ugandan party scene!

A heart-pounding Afropop tune, ‘Maama Wo’ is a song that turns up the heat on the dancefloor whenever and wherever it gets played, reason why thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans are increasingly falling in love with this tune.

Matter of fact, ‘Maama Wo’, which boasts over 38K YouTube views and counting, is fast turning into some sort of infatuation for tens of thousands of Daddy Andre’s fans, because the jam triggers sweet feelings for everyone who dedicates their time to listening to it either on the radio, YouTube or digital platforms.

Dude, if you are dating a woman or girlfriend who has never introduced you to your would-be mother-in-law (her Mama) then you ought to think twice about your relationship because women only take the men they love to their Mamas; this is what ‘Maama Wo’ is all about.

A banger that took almost everybody by surprise, ‘Maama Wo’ not only easily proves that Daddy Andre is one of the top Afropop acts in East Africa today, but that also his consistency in the game proves he was destined for greatness from the start.

Please, click the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube if the DJ at your favourite nightclub or bar doesn’t know about it so that you can bring them up to speed with this pulsing hit!


 Nina Roz Draws Ugandans Closer To God With ‘Hallelujah’ ft. Pr. Bugembe




By Isaac Tugume

Musician Nina Roz is doing a great job at bringing Ugandans closer to God through her latest single titled ‘Hallelujah’,  which she performs with pastor Wilson Bugembe, a well-known preacher and gospel music artist.

Everyone who experiences ‘Hallelujah’ does not remain the same, because the song not only drives them into embracing the Holy Spirit but also reminds them about God’s healing power through prayer.

Through this motivational song, which has since circulated widely across the country, Nina Roz reminds everyone that the only way we can communicate with God is through prayer and that if we constantly communicate with Him, then we shall never lose our hope and faith in the Lord!

The next time you need a quick reminder that God is near, simply turn to Nina Roz’s ‘Hallelujah’ and you will testify about the miraculous power this song confers unto everyone who listens to it.

Believe it or not, ‘Hallelujah’, which has attracted over 310K YouTube views and still counting, is a song through which Nina Roz is here to proclaim to the world that God does nothing except in response to believing prayer and whoever believes in Him shall never lack anything!

‘Hallelujah’ is not your usual kind of song, because it testifies to the fact that the power of prayer is so enriching and allows us to witness God’s great works among His people; if you doubt this, tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube!


‘Show Me’ By Thee Exit Band ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue Premieres On PPP TV




By Isaac Tugume

Popular Kenyan TV station PPP TV on Monday evening premiered Thee Exit Band’s sizzling brand-new video dubbed ‘Show Me’, which features Fathermoh and Collo Blue, just hours after its debut on YouTube.

‘Show Me’, which has since become the talk of town almost everywhere in Kenya, premiered on PPP TV’s Ngomma DJ Mix show, hosted by DJ Darlington, which features the hottest new jams in Kenya.


And, now that PPP TV has since unveiled ‘Show Me’ to the Kenyan airwaves, it is just a matter of time before the video hits other TV stations because this jam is so irresistible to all viewers.

However, it is important to note that ‘Show Me’ as a studio project is not only doing rounds on the Kenyan airwaves but also being extensively streamed on YouTube by thousands of Thee Exit Band’s fans.

This means one thing; Thee Exit Band is already having a huge impact on the entertainment scene in Kenya courtesy of this jam, which is sparking severe dance fever for everyone who has encountered it so far.

It is thus right to assert that Thee Exit Band perfectly understood the assignment when they set out to work on ‘Show Me’ and it’s because of this that we invite everyone to tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.



Emilian Starz Reveals Why Every Woman Should Call Her Hubby ‘Dictionary’

By Isaac Tugume

Whereas most women cherishingly call their husbands nicknames like ‘Honey’, ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Darling’, ‘Daddy’ etc, Ugandan musician Emilian Starz asserts that for her she simply calls him ‘Dictionary’.

Emilian Starz, who has out a sizzling video for her single ‘Dictionary’, contends that the reason why she calls her husband ‘Dictionary’ is because he has all the answers to every question she asks about love.

And, because of this, thousands of her fans are following suit by massively streaming her video, to find out why she decided to refer to her husband as ‘Dictionary’ because it’s such an intriguing nickname for a lover.

In essence, as she performs this ballad, Emilian Starz is out to let the world know that it is always good for a woman to fall in love with a man who is compatible with her feelings and emotions, because only then will he be able to ably satisfy her needs and desires.

It is therefore not by mistake or good luck that the ‘Dictionary’ video has so far been streamed by over 50K fans and still counting during the first three days of its release, because tens of thousands of people are heeding the message that Emilian Starz delivers in this song.

You too can stream this video on YouTube if you click the link above!