Emilian Starz Reveals Why Every Woman Should Call Her Hubby ‘Dictionary’

By Isaac Tugume

Whereas most women cherishingly call their husbands nicknames like ‘Honey’, ‘Sweetheart’, ‘Darling’, ‘Daddy’ etc, Ugandan musician Emilian Starz asserts that for her she simply calls him ‘Dictionary’.

Emilian Starz, who has out a sizzling video for her single ‘Dictionary’, contends that the reason why she calls her husband ‘Dictionary’ is because he has all the answers to every question she asks about love.

And, because of this, thousands of her fans are following suit by massively streaming her video, to find out why she decided to refer to her husband as ‘Dictionary’ because it’s such an intriguing nickname for a lover.

In essence, as she performs this ballad, Emilian Starz is out to let the world know that it is always good for a woman to fall in love with a man who is compatible with her feelings and emotions, because only then will he be able to ably satisfy her needs and desires.

It is therefore not by mistake or good luck that the ‘Dictionary’ video has so far been streamed by over 50K fans and still counting during the first three days of its release, because tens of thousands of people are heeding the message that Emilian Starz delivers in this song.

You too can stream this video on YouTube if you click the link above!

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