Unspoken Salaton Makes Huge Leap With ‘Hatujawai Ona’ Video



 By Isaac Tugume

Rapper Unspoken Salaton, who is one of the budding musicians in Kenya, is registering great success with his latest video dubbed ‘Hatujawai Ona’, which is enabling him to leave an indelible mark on the East African music scene.

Released on YouTube a few days ago, ‘Hatujawai Ona’ has since become some sort of Gengetone explosion that is tempting thousands of Kenyans into getting groovy to  Unspoken  Salaton’s tune, because the jam is so off the hook.

With ‘Hatujawai Ona’ Unspoken Salaton seems to be out to let his audience know that he didn’t join the Kenyan music industry as a joker, but as a conqueror who is here to claim his fair share of the game.

It is through this jam that Unspoken Salaton showcases his lyrical prowess, combined with infectious beats and a powerful demeanour which has over time enabled him to exert his presence not only on the Kenyan party scene but also kept him in the limelight.

If you thus feel like listening to music that will usher you into partying moods this festive season, then we highly advise you to tap the link above to stream ‘Hatujawai Ona’ on YouTube and you will thank us later!



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