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Team Veterans Reveals Why Money Is A Must-have In ‘Invest’ ft. Josephyl



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone group Team Veterans is out to make everyone know that money is a must-have in life and they are doing this through their freshest tune dubbed ‘Invest’, which features Josephyl.

Available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Invest’ is a musical revelation of why we should all have money on our minds all the time, and why we ought to put it to good use through investment.

It’s because of this that several Kenyans are finding ‘Invest’ a song that is by all means worth listening to; it’s not only very entertaining but also carries a very important message for everyone in their right senses.

It is a motivational jam that is ideal for every hustler and employee to listen to because Team Veterans are here to remind us that the easiest way to get rich is to invest the little money we earn from our respective hustles.

Being a song that carries a lot of meaning, chances are high that ‘Invest’ is likely to become the latest street slogan in Kenya, because it’s a song that almost everybody easily identifies with.

To stream the jam on YouTube,  just click the link above.



Team Veterans Release New Jam ‘Invest’ ft. Josephyl




By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan singing duo Team Veterans has released a new single titled ‘Invest’, which is a captivating collabo with Josephyl that is now causing a buzz on YouTube and digital platforms.

A highly motivational song, ‘Invest’ is a jam that’s basically about the good things a person can enjoy if they put their money to good use by investing it in viable business ventures.

Although they have over time been known for releasing reverberating club bangers, Team Veterans decided to take their creativity and versatility a notch higher this time, by dropping a song that’s for the benefit of all mankind.

This is because it’s known the world over that the easiest way someone can change their life for the better is by investing time and money in worthwhile ventures; that’s the message Team Veterans and Josephyl emphasize in this track.

In other words, much as they have set a legacy for producing music that induces people to party without fear or favour to anyone, Team Veterans this time round decided to release a song that’s aimed at uplifting the lives of their fans and, with a track like ‘Invest’, they can never go wrong!

Click the link above to stream the audio on YouTube but don’t forget that ‘Invest’ is also available on digital platforms.

Unspoken Salaton Makes Huge Leap With ‘Hatujawai Ona’ Video



 By Isaac Tugume

Rapper Unspoken Salaton, who is one of the budding musicians in Kenya, is registering great success with his latest video dubbed ‘Hatujawai Ona’, which is enabling him to leave an indelible mark on the East African music scene.

Released on YouTube a few days ago, ‘Hatujawai Ona’ has since become some sort of Gengetone explosion that is tempting thousands of Kenyans into getting groovy to  Unspoken  Salaton’s tune, because the jam is so off the hook.

With ‘Hatujawai Ona’ Unspoken Salaton seems to be out to let his audience know that he didn’t join the Kenyan music industry as a joker, but as a conqueror who is here to claim his fair share of the game.

It is through this jam that Unspoken Salaton showcases his lyrical prowess, combined with infectious beats and a powerful demeanour which has over time enabled him to exert his presence not only on the Kenyan party scene but also kept him in the limelight.

If you thus feel like listening to music that will usher you into partying moods this festive season, then we highly advise you to tap the link above to stream ‘Hatujawai Ona’ on YouTube and you will thank us later!



Team Veterans Will Crack You Up  With ‘Eazy’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone duo Team Veterans is literary cracking everyone up with their latest delivery on the Kenyan party scene, a sizzling new video dubbed ‘Eazy’, which they dropped a few days ago on YouTube.

‘Eazy’ is the kind of jam that will leave you nursing waist injuries if you don’t go slow on it because the song triggers an intense desire to get groovy for everyone who experiences it.

Known for their unique style and energetic performances, Team Veterans are intent on leaving everyone who feels the vibe in ‘Eazy’ panting for breath, reason why they dropped a music video that is laced with breathtaking scenes and captivating dance moves!

You will never know the joy and beauty of Gengetone music if you haven’t come across a jam like ‘Eazy’ yet, because as they perform this song, Team Veterans take their fans on an electrifying musical journey, intended to let them know why they should enjoy every moment of their lives!

Through this song, Team Veterans wants us to discard everything that inhibits us from enjoying the life we live; no matter whether they are physical, financial, or spiritual challenges, because life can never be free of such encounters.

They thus remind us that no matter the hardships we might face, nothing should ever stop us from sparing a moment to go merrymaking and have fun-filled moments with our friends, so we ought to make life ‘Eazy’ for ourselves.

Click the link above to stream the ‘Eazy’ video on YouTube, but don’t forget to enjoy your life while you still can!


Gengetone Group Team Veterans Unleash New Video ‘Eazy’




By Isaac Tugume

Team Veterans, one of the thriving music groups in Kenya, has unleashed a scorching video for their freshest single titled ‘Eazy’, which is likely to dominate the Gengetone scene for a long time to come.

‘Eazy’ is a massive street anthem for all the hustlers, in which Team Veterans attempt to portray the life Kenyan youths live, with a focus on how they hustle to make money plus how they spend it, especially on merrymaking.

In essence, this music video, which is already being streamed by Gengetone enthusiasts, is all about urging people to make their lives as easy as possible, because according to Team Veterans, working so hard without enjoying the fruits of your labour is somewhat meaningless.

It is a basic reminder to everyone that if they don’t make their life easy and worth living, no matter the challenges they face, no one will do it for them, hence they ought to style up as soon as possible.

A song that highly appeals to the Z-Generation, ‘Eazy’ is the ultimate Firestarter for anyone with a knack for reverberating Gengetone music, because it instantly raves up the vibe, anytime, anywhere!

Get ready to go on an excursion filled with niceness ass you stream ‘Eazy’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.


Team Veterans To Drop Visuals For Fresh Single ‘Eazy’



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone kingpins Team Veterans are not about to give up on their mission to keep thrilling East Africa with great music and as you read this, they are about to drop a new video for their latest single dubbed ‘Eazy’!

Dropping on YouTube any time this week, the visuals for ‘Eazy’ will come at the right moment in time, because ‘Eazy’ is one of the resounding street anthems in Kenya currently.

Coming off their album Mali True II, ‘Eazy’ is a banger that is already causing fire on the Kenyan music scene, because it’s full of energy and the vibe that Team Veterans unleash as they perform this joint is so killer!

‘Eazy’, which is a cool vibe song that highly appeals to the young generation, is about doing your hustle, chopping dime, and living a stress-free life, which has always been the gospel that Team Veterans preaches.

Known for their electrifying performances, Team Veterans present ‘Eazy’ in a manner that not only makes the jam so infectious but also addictive for everyone who experiences it, reason why thousands of their fans are anxiously waiting for the visuals.

Like we said, the video is dropping any time this week but in the meantime, you can tap the link above to check out the promo trailer on YouTube.