Gengetone Group Team Veterans Unleash New Video ‘Eazy’

By Isaac Tugume

Team Veterans, one of the thriving music groups in Kenya, has unleashed a scorching video for their freshest single titled ‘Eazy’, which is likely to dominate the Gengetone scene for a long time to come.

‘Eazy’ is a massive street anthem for all the hustlers, in which Team Veterans attempt to portray the life Kenyan youths live, with a focus on how they hustle to make money plus how they spend it, especially on merrymaking.

In essence, this music video, which is already being streamed by Gengetone enthusiasts, is all about urging people to make their lives as easy as possible, because according to Team Veterans, working so hard without enjoying the fruits of your labour is somewhat meaningless.

It is a basic reminder to everyone that if they don’t make their life easy and worth living, no matter the challenges they face, no one will do it for them, hence they ought to style up as soon as possible.

A song that highly appeals to the Z-Generation, ‘Eazy’ is the ultimate Firestarter for anyone with a knack for reverberating Gengetone music, because it instantly raves up the vibe, anytime, anywhere!

Get ready to go on an excursion filled with niceness ass you stream ‘Eazy’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.


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