‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre Is Fun-tastic


By Isaac Tugume

Whoever hasn’t encountered a song that is not only fun-filled but also tasty should check out ‘Maama Wo’, which is Ugandan artist Daddy Andre’s latest offering on the party scene!

A true redefinition of Ugandan Afropop music, ‘Maama Wo’ is a powerful and distinctive sound that is so infectious, because everyone who listens the jam ends up craving more and more of it.

‘Maama Wo’, which commands over 38K YouTube views and still counting during the first few days of its release, is a showcase of Daddy Andre’s lyrical maturity, and his intent to produce music that positively impacts people’s lives.

This is because as he performs this song, Daddy Andre attempts to mirror the realities of the life most Ugandan youths live, while at the same time inspiring them, especially those who are dating, to ensure that they make their relationships meaningful.

It is because of this that ‘Maama Wo’ now has the attention of tens of thousands of Ugandan music enthusiasts, because the song focuses on an important aspect of every relationship, which is a girl introducing her man to her mother.

You can only ignore this song at your  own peril but it’s highly advised that you tap the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube!

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