‘Maama Wo’ By daddy Andre Hits Different





By Isaac Tugume

If you haven’t come across a reverberating club banger that will hit you like some rare kind of high you have never experienced before, then you ought to check out Daddy Andre’s latest hit dubbed ‘Maama Wo’.

‘Maama Wo’ is a head-pounding jam that makes everyone’s heart skip a beat the moment it starts booming because the vibe with which Daddy Andre performs this song makes every listener feel like showcasing their dancing skills.

The song is about a man, who, after discovering that he has hooked up with the woman of his life, pleads with her to introduce him to her mother because he wants to settle down with her.

Under normal circumstances, almost every man yearns for an opportunity to be introduced to his mother-in-law by his girlfriend because the moment she does it, it means she is ready to settle down with him; this is exactly the scenario that Daddy Andre alludes to in ‘Maama Wo.’

Daddy Andre employs impeccable flow and captivating wordplay which immediately draw thousands of listeners to ‘Maama Wo’ and whoever doubts this should explain why over 39K fans are streaming the song on YouTube and others blasting it away on their stereos!

Dude, if you intend to settle down with your better half, then make sure you listen to Daddy Andre’s ‘Maama Wo’ with her because she will get the message loud and clear; just tap the link above to stream the song on YouTube.



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