Watch: ‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Takes Over Ugandan Night Clubs & Bars  


By Isaac Tugume

Famous Ugandan musician Nina Roz is causing a buzz across the country with her runaway hit ‘Nwanilaako’, which is now booming in various nightclubs, bars, and hangouts.

Our scouts moving around Kampala and its suburbs reveal that ‘Nwanilaako’ is currently one of the jams dominating the party scene in the country and because of this, DJs at almost every happening spot are playing the song back-to-back due to endless requests for it from the partiers.

Some of the city nightclubs where partiers storm to enjoy ‘Nwanilaako’ include; Laxi Lounge Wampewo, East Gate Kasangati, and Bombardia Lounge Zzana, among others.

Video clips collected by our scouts at most of these nightclubs prove that Ugandan partiers have since embraced ‘Nwanilaako’ as many of them are seen vibing to the jam as they sip their drinks.

But that’s not all, besides thrilling partiers across the country, ‘Nwanilaako’  also continues to attract tens of thousands of YouTube streams, with the video now boasting over 125K views and still counting.

This means that if your favourite bar or nightclub doesn’t play ‘Nwanilaako’ you need not worry because you can still stream the jam on YouTube by tapping the link above!




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