Nina Roz Delivers Special Valentine’s Day Message For Lovers In ‘Nwanilaako’


By Isaac Tugume

Today is Valentine’s Day and lovers across the world are celebrating the gift of love, however, have you guys checked out ‘Nwanilaako’, a soothing love jam by Ugandan diva Nina Roz?

In ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz serves her audience a message that is vital for everyone in a relationship because much as the song is enticing to listen to it’s also roots for stability in a relationship and the will for a man to put up a fight for the woman he claims to love.

In essence, Nina Roz wants the world to know that it is perfectly fine for a man to fight or do everything to keep his woman because this shows her that you care about your relationship and indeed, in most cases, women want men to fight more for their relationship.

Lady, if the man you’re dating currently is the kind that can’t fight for you or do everything possible for the success of your relationship, you might want to do some self-reflection and ask yourself if he’s your true valentine.

And by the way, if you still doubt the message that Nina Roz brings to the world this Valentine’s Day in ‘Nwanilaako’ then it’s highly advisable that you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube, because only then will you believe her!



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