‘Wish’ By Nande Boyz Is Highly Provocative



By Isaac Tugume

They say tit for tat is a fair game and that you should not wish others what you don’t want to happen to you; that’s exactly what ‘Wish’, a fresh release by Congolese group Nande Boyz, is all about.

In most cases people wish others bad luck, forgetting the adage which says, ‘Be careful what you wish for….’; but through their captivating single ‘Wish’, Nande Boyz are here to remind everyone to always be careful when wishing others bad things, to avoid a boomerang situation.

A highly provocative song, ‘Wish’ isn’t a jam for the weak-hearted, because this song points to one thing; that the Nande Boyz are not here to mince words but to call a spade a spade!

With this studio project, the Nande Boyz are surely taking Congolese music to the world, because ‘Wish’ is a song that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who listens to it, no matter what part of the globe they are.

‘Wish’ is the kind of jam that compels every listener to immerse themselves into the captivating beats and well-curated lyrics to have a real feel of what Nande Boyz have to say.

Simply tap the link above to stream ‘Wish’ on YouTube but believe it or not, you won’t remain the same after experiencing this track!




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