Emilian Starz Unveils Lyric Video For Captivating Single ‘Nvuga’


By Isaac Tugume

The official lyric video for ‘Nvuga’, an electrifying jam by Ugandan artist Emilian Starz, is now available for streaming on YouTube and fans can now rhyme along to the tune as they listen to it.

The video breaks down the verses, hook, and chorus in the song, making vibing to ‘Nvuga’ as easy as munching crisps while grooving on a sunny day!

A very thrilling ballad, ‘Nvuga’ is an emotional expression of undying love that spews forth from the depths of a woman’s heart; it’s a narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and passion.

It’s not every day that we find a woman surrendering her everything to a man so much that she is even willing to let him drive her as if she were his car; that’s the picture Emilian Starz paints in Nvuga.

To all ladies out there, in case you intend to give your man a memorable weekend, there is no better way to do it than relaxing in his arms all day long as you both listen to ‘Nvuga’, because the jam will take you on a love-filled ride before you even realise it!

Simply tap the link above to stream the ‘Nvuga’ lyric video on YouTube to enjoy this sweet tune.










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