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Can You Give Her That Steamy Ride?



By Isaac Tugume

Guys, did you know that ladies enjoy rides, especially if the rides are not only sensual but also steamy and sweet? Well, if you do, then ‘Nvuga’, a jam by Ugandan female artist Emilian Starz, is your kind of thing!

In ‘Nvuga’, Emilian Starz is here to give men a few tips on how to spoil their ladies with so much passion and romance, noting that this is what can easily make a woman surrender her everything to a man.

Emilian Starz envisions a woman as being a car that is supposed to be driven by her man, taking her on romantic adventures and giving her sweltering rides with the intent to fully satisfy all her needs and desires, or rather drive the car to its desired destinations.

‘Nvuga’ is a song that speaks volumes, especially about men who always give their ladies memorable between-the-sheets moments, although it’s also ideal to vibe to on a chilly night during a hangout with your buddies.

With over 25K YouTube views and counting, no one can refute the fact that ‘Nvuga’ is a song that’s getting deeply entrenched in the hearts of several Ugandans, thanks to Emilian Starz’s charming vocals and creativity.

With just one tap on the link above you too can stream ‘Nvuga’  on YouTube.



Emilian Starz Exudes Intimacy & Passion In ‘Nvuga’ 


By Isaac Tugume

‘Nvuga’, a thrilling jam by Ugandan female artist Emilian Satrz, is a tale of endless passionate moments and intimacy, which compels every listener to pause and pay attention the moment the song starts playing.

As she performs this track, Emilian Starz intends to remind her audience that love is not only beautiful but that it’s also always good to share with the world how much your lover means to you.

In essence, she is out to let lovers know that they shouldn’t be shy about what they feel for each other and that they should love selflessly, without fear or favour to anyone.

This is because the cosmic connection between you and your sweetheart can’t be measured with words, but can only be manifested in acts of romance and intimate feelings.

Through ‘Nvuga’ therefore Emilian Starz wants to share these deep feelings with her audience, hoping they will appreciate the gift of love and ensure that they always make their partners know how special it is to have them in their lives.

As we head nearer to Valentine’s Day therefore make sure you and your special someone listen to ‘Nvuga’ every now and often, because it’s a jam that’s ideal for every special moment of your lives.

Go stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube by clicking the link above.



‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Will Tempt You To Fall In Love



By Isaac Tugume

If you still have second thoughts about falling in love, then we highly recommend that you listen to ‘Nvuga’, a melody by Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz, which is a song that nourishes the soul of everyone who listens to it.

In ‘Nvuga’, Emilian Starz is out to let her fans know that love is the fountain of all joy and happiness and that a woman who finds a man who loves her selflessly is like a poor man who stumbles upon a gold mine.

Whoever listens to this song doesn’t remain the same, because the hysteria and ecstasy it erupts in listeners leaves everyone feeling a strong urge to fall in love with someone.

That’s the main reason why thousands of Ugandans are now vibing to ‘Nvuga’, because believe it or not, a joyous love ride is incomparable to any other form of happiness on earth.

The thousands of fans who are streaming ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube and digital platforms can testify to the electrifying thrill that this melody sparks for listeners and it’s because of this that the song is not only becoming increasingly popular but is also keeping Emilian Starz in the limelight.

Dive into endless love by streaming ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube; just tap the link above to stream the jam!


‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Is Perfect Soul Therapy



By Isaac Tugume

Did you know that love is one of the strongest therapies for the soul; well, if you didn’t, then better check out ‘Nvuga’, a soothing melody by Ugandan artist Emilian Starz.

‘Nvuga’ is the kind of song you can listen to and feel like all your troubles in the world have been solved because Emilian Starz delivers the jam in a combo of delicious and spicy lyricism.

The way Emilian Starz describes how she feels in this song makes everyone who listens to it yearn to experience the same kind of passionate feeling, because ‘Nvuga’ is a jam that stirs intense euphoria for listeners.

A captivating mix of soothing rhythms and words that carry lots of meaning for people who know what it means to be in love, ‘Nvuga’ is a song that’s perfect for all occasions, whether you are out with friends for a drink or simply relaxing at home with your better half!

But, the icing on the cake is that ‘Nvuga’ is a jam that fits well into any part of your day, making it even more fun, and a candidate for your must-play list, because this is an all-time classic for lovers.

Simply click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube in case you haven’t heard it playing on your favourite radio station yet.



‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Is A Steamy, Romantic Adventure



By Isaac Tugume

Dude, if you’ve ever been in love with a babe who enjoys the steamy rides you give her so much so that she surrenders her whole to you, then you know what Ugandan diva Emilian Starz is talking about in her latest jam ‘Nvuga’.

This kind of feeling is indescribable and memorable because everyone yearns to enjoy it and whoever experiences it doesn’t want the moment to end; that’s the image Emilian Starz wants her audience to envision as they listen to ‘Nvuga’.

Being a woman, Emilian Starz knows what it feels like to be in this kind of joyous situation and it’s this romantic adventure that she wants everyone who encounters ‘Nvuga’ to experience, especially people who are in relationships.

Emilian Starz makes use of the soothing rhythm and touching lyrics in this song to let every man know that he can have power and control over his woman if only he does the right things that will make her completely submissive to him.

A song that is already becoming a sensation in Kampala and other parts of the country, ‘Nvuga’ is an avenue through which Emilian Starz wants her audience to appreciate that love is such a beautiful thing that couples should celebrate every moment they get!

Please click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube to partake in the love that Emilian Starz has to share with the world.


Emilian Starz Melts Hearts With Fresh Jam ‘Nvuga’

By Isaac Tugume

There is nothing that is so life-changing for a woman like being in love with a man who perfectly understands her emotions and can know how she feels without even her telling him anything; that’s what ‘Nvuga’ by Emilian Starz is all about!

A very heart-melting jam, ‘Nvuga’ is not just a song, but also some sort of love handbook through which Emilian Starz depicts the joy and pleasure women enjoy when they find a perfect match.

In ‘Nvuga’ Emilian Starz takes her audience on a romantic journey of endless love moments that everyone would want to personally experience, thanks to her ticklish, sweet vocals and sensational lyrics.

A perfect Valentine’s Day message for all lovers, ‘Nvuga’ is not only a thrilling experience but also a celebration of true love, which is every woman’s lifetime dream.

No wonder the track is already doing rounds on radio stations and nightclubs across the country, because being a song that deals with matters of the heart, ‘Nvuga’ is a song that commands attention from everyone who encounters it!

However, the only way to be a part of this feeling is to click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube because this is a jam that will take you and your loved one places you’ve always wanted to be.




Emilian Starz Unveils Lyric Video For Captivating Single ‘Nvuga’


By Isaac Tugume

The official lyric video for ‘Nvuga’, an electrifying jam by Ugandan artist Emilian Starz, is now available for streaming on YouTube and fans can now rhyme along to the tune as they listen to it.

The video breaks down the verses, hook, and chorus in the song, making vibing to ‘Nvuga’ as easy as munching crisps while grooving on a sunny day!

A very thrilling ballad, ‘Nvuga’ is an emotional expression of undying love that spews forth from the depths of a woman’s heart; it’s a narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and passion.

It’s not every day that we find a woman surrendering her everything to a man so much that she is even willing to let him drive her as if she were his car; that’s the picture Emilian Starz paints in Nvuga.

To all ladies out there, in case you intend to give your man a memorable weekend, there is no better way to do it than relaxing in his arms all day long as you both listen to ‘Nvuga’, because the jam will take you on a love-filled ride before you even realise it!

Simply tap the link above to stream the ‘Nvuga’ lyric video on YouTube to enjoy this sweet tune.










‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Debuts On YouTube & Digital Platforms



By Isaac Tugume

Vocal goddess Emilian Starz has blessed Uganda with a fresh tune titled ‘Nvuga’, which debuted today on YouTube and digital streaming platforms (DSPs)

‘Nvuga’ is a sensational Afropop melody that is bound to bring all lovers in the house closer to each other, mainly because it’s a very thought-provoking ballad that triggers intense euphoria for listeners.

In ‘Nvuga’ Emilian Starz makes use of metaphors and allegories as she describes how much she loves her man, to the extent that she wants him to drive her like a car because he knows all the directions she wants him to take her.

We all know that love is a gift that was granted to man by God, but the best way to enjoy love is hooking up with a person you sync with perfectly and this is what Emilian Starz tries to make known to everyone in ‘Nvuga’!

Indeed, ‘Nvuga’ is a powerful love song that will keep couples catered for on Valentine’s Day and throughout February, which is a season known all over the world for celebrating love.

We invite you to tap the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube but don’t forget that you can also enjoy the jam on Spotify, Mdundo, Boomplay, and other digital platforms.



 Emilian Starz Back In Action, Set To Unveil New Single ‘Nvuga’


By Isaac Tugume

The Uganda music is set to be taken by storm thanks to sensational diva Emilian Starz, who is dropping a fresh jam dubbed ‘Nvuga’ this Friday!

A mouthwatering love ballad, ‘Nvuga’ is dropping on YouTube and digital platforms, shortly after which it will circulate on airwaves throughout the country.

Laden with intense seduction and concentrated romance, ‘Nvuga’ takes the storyline of a woman who is so much in love with her man that she wants him to take control of her, to the extent that she surrenders her whole to him.

‘Nvuga’ is a vernacular word that translates to ‘Drive Me’ in English, which means that Emilian Starz wants her man to drive her because she is his love car!

A song that comes from the depths of a woman’s heart, ‘Nvuga’ once again unveils Emilian Starz into the limelight of Uganda’s music industry and we are positive that the song will be welcomed openly by her audience.

It should however be noted that Emilian Starz has a video on YouTube for her pulsating love jam dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is being streamed by over 166K fans and still counting.

As we wait for her to release ‘Nvuga’ therefore, let’s not forget to tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube!