‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Is Perfect Soul Therapy



By Isaac Tugume

Did you know that love is one of the strongest therapies for the soul; well, if you didn’t, then better check out ‘Nvuga’, a soothing melody by Ugandan artist Emilian Starz.

‘Nvuga’ is the kind of song you can listen to and feel like all your troubles in the world have been solved because Emilian Starz delivers the jam in a combo of delicious and spicy lyricism.

The way Emilian Starz describes how she feels in this song makes everyone who listens to it yearn to experience the same kind of passionate feeling, because ‘Nvuga’ is a jam that stirs intense euphoria for listeners.

A captivating mix of soothing rhythms and words that carry lots of meaning for people who know what it means to be in love, ‘Nvuga’ is a song that’s perfect for all occasions, whether you are out with friends for a drink or simply relaxing at home with your better half!

But, the icing on the cake is that ‘Nvuga’ is a jam that fits well into any part of your day, making it even more fun, and a candidate for your must-play list, because this is an all-time classic for lovers.

Simply click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube in case you haven’t heard it playing on your favourite radio station yet.



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