Emilian Starz Exudes Intimacy & Passion In ‘Nvuga’ 


By Isaac Tugume

‘Nvuga’, a thrilling jam by Ugandan female artist Emilian Satrz, is a tale of endless passionate moments and intimacy, which compels every listener to pause and pay attention the moment the song starts playing.

As she performs this track, Emilian Starz intends to remind her audience that love is not only beautiful but that it’s also always good to share with the world how much your lover means to you.

In essence, she is out to let lovers know that they shouldn’t be shy about what they feel for each other and that they should love selflessly, without fear or favour to anyone.

This is because the cosmic connection between you and your sweetheart can’t be measured with words, but can only be manifested in acts of romance and intimate feelings.

Through ‘Nvuga’ therefore Emilian Starz wants to share these deep feelings with her audience, hoping they will appreciate the gift of love and ensure that they always make their partners know how special it is to have them in their lives.

As we head nearer to Valentine’s Day therefore make sure you and your special someone listen to ‘Nvuga’ every now and often, because it’s a jam that’s ideal for every special moment of your lives.

Go stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube by clicking the link above.



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