‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Is A Steamy, Romantic Adventure



By Isaac Tugume

Dude, if you’ve ever been in love with a babe who enjoys the steamy rides you give her so much so that she surrenders her whole to you, then you know what Ugandan diva Emilian Starz is talking about in her latest jam ‘Nvuga’.

This kind of feeling is indescribable and memorable because everyone yearns to enjoy it and whoever experiences it doesn’t want the moment to end; that’s the image Emilian Starz wants her audience to envision as they listen to ‘Nvuga’.

Being a woman, Emilian Starz knows what it feels like to be in this kind of joyous situation and it’s this romantic adventure that she wants everyone who encounters ‘Nvuga’ to experience, especially people who are in relationships.

Emilian Starz makes use of the soothing rhythm and touching lyrics in this song to let every man know that he can have power and control over his woman if only he does the right things that will make her completely submissive to him.

A song that is already becoming a sensation in Kampala and other parts of the country, ‘Nvuga’ is an avenue through which Emilian Starz wants her audience to appreciate that love is such a beautiful thing that couples should celebrate every moment they get!

Please click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube to partake in the love that Emilian Starz has to share with the world.


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