‘Nvuga’ By Emilian Starz Will Tempt You To Fall In Love



By Isaac Tugume

If you still have second thoughts about falling in love, then we highly recommend that you listen to ‘Nvuga’, a melody by Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz, which is a song that nourishes the soul of everyone who listens to it.

In ‘Nvuga’, Emilian Starz is out to let her fans know that love is the fountain of all joy and happiness and that a woman who finds a man who loves her selflessly is like a poor man who stumbles upon a gold mine.

Whoever listens to this song doesn’t remain the same, because the hysteria and ecstasy it erupts in listeners leaves everyone feeling a strong urge to fall in love with someone.

That’s the main reason why thousands of Ugandans are now vibing to ‘Nvuga’, because believe it or not, a joyous love ride is incomparable to any other form of happiness on earth.

The thousands of fans who are streaming ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube and digital platforms can testify to the electrifying thrill that this melody sparks for listeners and it’s because of this that the song is not only becoming increasingly popular but is also keeping Emilian Starz in the limelight.

Dive into endless love by streaming ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube; just tap the link above to stream the jam!


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