Emilian Starz Melts Hearts With Fresh Jam ‘Nvuga’

By Isaac Tugume

There is nothing that is so life-changing for a woman like being in love with a man who perfectly understands her emotions and can know how she feels without even her telling him anything; that’s what ‘Nvuga’ by Emilian Starz is all about!

A very heart-melting jam, ‘Nvuga’ is not just a song, but also some sort of love handbook through which Emilian Starz depicts the joy and pleasure women enjoy when they find a perfect match.

In ‘Nvuga’ Emilian Starz takes her audience on a romantic journey of endless love moments that everyone would want to personally experience, thanks to her ticklish, sweet vocals and sensational lyrics.

A perfect Valentine’s Day message for all lovers, ‘Nvuga’ is not only a thrilling experience but also a celebration of true love, which is every woman’s lifetime dream.

No wonder the track is already doing rounds on radio stations and nightclubs across the country, because being a song that deals with matters of the heart, ‘Nvuga’ is a song that commands attention from everyone who encounters it!

However, the only way to be a part of this feeling is to click the link above to stream ‘Nvuga’ on YouTube because this is a jam that will take you and your loved one places you’ve always wanted to be.




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