New Drop ‘Dudunkwe’ By Damboddo AD Is A Stress Killer


By Isaac Tugume

If you intend to live a fun-filled life that’s free of all forms of stress and depression, then ‘Dudunkwe’, a jam by Ugandan artist Damboddo AD, is the kind of music you ought to be listening to!

A very hilarious song, ‘Dundunkwe’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms, is a blend of tantalizing beats and mesmerizing lyrics, a combination that makes the song not only so amazing but also lovable.

With ‘Dudunkwe’ Damboddo made sure that he would leave a huge smile on the face of everyone who experienced this jam and that’s exactly what’s happening, because whoever listens to this song never remains the same.

What’s even more interesting about ‘Dudunkwe’ is that the jam, which is a fusion of Amapiano and Ugandan Afrobeats, not only makes everyone relive their childhood days but induces listeners to dance until their backs break!

The ultimate family tune, ‘Dudunkwe’ is the song for everyone because it appeals to diverse audiences and chances are high that it is bound to make Damboddo a topic of discussion across the country within a short time.

To feel the thrill, all you got to do is to stream ‘Dudunkwe’ on YouTube; just tap the link above!




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