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‘Dudunkwe’ By Damboddo AD Is A Real Waist-bender



By Isaac Tugume

Damboddo AD, a very enterprising Ugandan dancehall artist, has several Ugandans grooving to his latest single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, which is making people dance till they drop!

‘Dudunkwe’, which is a very exhilarating Amapiano tune, is igniting fire in nightclubs, bars, and the streets of Kampala because it’s a jam that’s laden with intense exhilaration and lots of fun.

This jam is not only a thrilling celebration of Uganda’s music diversity but is also a showcase of Damboddo’s exceptional creativity which is doing much at keeping him in the limelight.

This is mainly because Damboddo makes it known to everyone as he performs this jam that he is out to give his audience a blend of contemporary sounds and nostalgic elements.

With the audio being streamed across the country on YouTube and digital platforms, there’s little or no doubt about whether or not ‘Dudunkwe’ will take Damboddo to the horizon of Uganda’s music industry, because he is already on the right track!

If you intend to kick-start your week with music that will keep you in the best moods from Monday to Sunday, then we highly advise you to tap the link above to stream ‘Dudunkwe’ on YouTube.




New Drop ‘Dudunkwe’ By Damboddo AD Is A Stress Killer


By Isaac Tugume

If you intend to live a fun-filled life that’s free of all forms of stress and depression, then ‘Dudunkwe’, a jam by Ugandan artist Damboddo AD, is the kind of music you ought to be listening to!

A very hilarious song, ‘Dundunkwe’, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms, is a blend of tantalizing beats and mesmerizing lyrics, a combination that makes the song not only so amazing but also lovable.

With ‘Dudunkwe’ Damboddo made sure that he would leave a huge smile on the face of everyone who experienced this jam and that’s exactly what’s happening, because whoever listens to this song never remains the same.

What’s even more interesting about ‘Dudunkwe’ is that the jam, which is a fusion of Amapiano and Ugandan Afrobeats, not only makes everyone relive their childhood days but induces listeners to dance until their backs break!

The ultimate family tune, ‘Dudunkwe’ is the song for everyone because it appeals to diverse audiences and chances are high that it is bound to make Damboddo a topic of discussion across the country within a short time.

To feel the thrill, all you got to do is to stream ‘Dudunkwe’ on YouTube; just tap the link above!




Damboddo AD Drops Fresh Banger ‘Dudunkwe’


By Isaac Tugume

Amapiano artist Damboddo AD has unleashed a sizzling single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, a song that’s likely to change the Ugandan music landscape as we know it.

‘Dudunkwe’ is a very energetic dance tune that Damboddo performs with an electrifying vibe and if all goes as planned, this jam is set to become the new street anthem in Kampala and other parts of the country.

Known for his unique and compelling performances, Damboddo’s latest release ‘Dudunkwe’ is a song that promises to engage and resonate with his audience in profound ways, especially because it’s an instant stress-killer and antidepressant combined in one!

With ‘Dudunkwe’, which is soon circulating on airwaves across the country, Damboddo gives Ugandans more than a million reasons to storm the nearest bar or nightclub, because it is a sizzling dancehall sensation.

This is the kind of song you would want to listen to any time of the day, and if you’re the kind of person who sometimes finds themselves needing to fire up their spirits, ‘Dudunkwe’ is the ideal solution for you.

Go stream the jam on YouTube by simply tapping the link above because ‘Dudunkwe’ is the ultimate jam to fire up your weekend.



Fresh Banger ‘Dudunkwe’ By Damboddo AD Drops On Friday


By Isaac Tugume

Damboddo AD, a Ugandan choreographer and dancehall music artist, is set to drop a brand-new jam titled ‘Dudunkwe’, which is scheduled to debut on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday!


‘Dundunkwe’, which is a heart-pounding Amapiano tune, is a jam that will give Damboddo’s fans every reason to showcase their rare dancing skills because it’s an explosive party tune.

A jam that is not limited to a particular type of audience, ‘Dudunkwe’ is a song that Damboddo specifically created for the whole family, because it’s enjoyable for everyone, no matter their age, religion, education level, or cultural background.

Whether you like it or not, ‘Dudunkwe’ will coax you into a dancing mood the moment it starts playing, and if you don’t believe it, just wait for the jam to drop tomorrow and you will be the first to witness the thrill this jam stirs for everyone.

Meanwhile, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Damboddo already has a volatile tune dubbed ‘Lujuuju’, which is being streamed by thousands of his fans on YouTube.

Make sure to tap the link above to check out the ‘Lujuuju’ video on YouTube as we await the release of ‘Dudunkwe’.







Damboddo AD  To Start New Year With Massive Tune ‘Dudunkwe’




By Isaac Tugume

You all remember Damboddo AD, the Ugandan artist who dropped an Amapiano tune last year dubbed ‘Lujuju’; well, he is set to drop a fresh single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, which is debuting on YouTube and digital platforms in a few days to come.

‘Dudunkwe’, which roughly translates to “Do it the right way”, is a very electrifying song that Damboddo, who is a popular Ugandan hire and singer, performs alongside a group of young promising talents, who light up the jam with their exciting dances and freestyle performance that reminds everyone to take a moment off to enjoy life.

An exceedingly fun-filled song, ‘Dudunkwe’, which will take the Ugandan music scene by storm, is all about having fun and going down memory lane, taking us on an adventurous reminder of the fun we used to enjoy as children and why she should relive our childhood days.

With ‘Dudunkwe’, Damboddo takes his fans on a  dance-filled trip during which they are supposed to loosen and have fun without fear or favour to anyone, something that makes the song so lovable!

Stay tuned for details on when ‘Dudunkwe’ is dropping but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream Damboddo’s debut single ‘Lujuju’ on YouTube.