‘Dudunkwe’ By Damboddo AD Is A Real Waist-bender



By Isaac Tugume

Damboddo AD, a very enterprising Ugandan dancehall artist, has several Ugandans grooving to his latest single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, which is making people dance till they drop!

‘Dudunkwe’, which is a very exhilarating Amapiano tune, is igniting fire in nightclubs, bars, and the streets of Kampala because it’s a jam that’s laden with intense exhilaration and lots of fun.

This jam is not only a thrilling celebration of Uganda’s music diversity but is also a showcase of Damboddo’s exceptional creativity which is doing much at keeping him in the limelight.

This is mainly because Damboddo makes it known to everyone as he performs this jam that he is out to give his audience a blend of contemporary sounds and nostalgic elements.

With the audio being streamed across the country on YouTube and digital platforms, there’s little or no doubt about whether or not ‘Dudunkwe’ will take Damboddo to the horizon of Uganda’s music industry, because he is already on the right track!

If you intend to kick-start your week with music that will keep you in the best moods from Monday to Sunday, then we highly advise you to tap the link above to stream ‘Dudunkwe’ on YouTube.




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