Damboddo AD  To Start New Year With Massive Tune ‘Dudunkwe’




By Isaac Tugume

You all remember Damboddo AD, the Ugandan artist who dropped an Amapiano tune last year dubbed ‘Lujuju’; well, he is set to drop a fresh single dubbed ‘Dudunkwe’, which is debuting on YouTube and digital platforms in a few days to come.

‘Dudunkwe’, which roughly translates to “Do it the right way”, is a very electrifying song that Damboddo, who is a popular Ugandan hire and singer, performs alongside a group of young promising talents, who light up the jam with their exciting dances and freestyle performance that reminds everyone to take a moment off to enjoy life.

An exceedingly fun-filled song, ‘Dudunkwe’, which will take the Ugandan music scene by storm, is all about having fun and going down memory lane, taking us on an adventurous reminder of the fun we used to enjoy as children and why she should relive our childhood days.

With ‘Dudunkwe’, Damboddo takes his fans on a  dance-filled trip during which they are supposed to loosen and have fun without fear or favour to anyone, something that makes the song so lovable!

Stay tuned for details on when ‘Dudunkwe’ is dropping but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream Damboddo’s debut single ‘Lujuju’ on YouTube.


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