‘No Drama’ This Valentine’s Day Says Blaq Smith


By Isaac Tugume

If you’re tired of drama in your love life and don’t want more of the same this Valentine’s Day, then Congolese artist Blaq Smith got you covered with his latest drop titled ‘No Drama’!

‘No Drama’ is a resounding Afrobeat tune made especially for people who are tired of drama in their relationships and are ready to move on if things fail to work out for them as a couple.

A highly danceable jam, ‘No Drama’ is a thrilling showcase of Blaq Smith’s lyrical artistry in which he combines heart-pounding beats with a very powerful message.

Thanks to his lyrical dynamism, Blaq Smith presented ‘No Drama’ as both an explosive disco tune and a piece of advice to men who are in toxic relationships to know that there comes a point when they have to walk away and start life afresh.

Being a song that focuses on the complexities of relationships, several people of all ages will find ‘No Drama’ very relatable because many of them are battling this drama and some are so tired that they want to shout out ‘NO MORE DRAMA!

Luckily enough, you don’t have to reach that point when you can cool off the stress by tapping the link above to stream ‘No Drama’ on YouTube.





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