Emilian Starz Reveals Glory Of True Love In ‘Dictionary’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz’s latest music video dubbed ‘Dictionary’ is a depiction of what true love should be like, thanks to the vivid picture the artist paints for her audience as she performs this melody.

This is because in ‘Dictionary’ Emilian Starz is not just here to entertain her fans, but to also let the world know what an ideal man should be to his woman in a relationship.

She is out to let the men know that no matter what happens, they must always have answers to the questions their women ask about love because that’s the only way to keep them from looking for the same answers from other men!

A very spirited ballad, ‘Dictionary’ is a song that Emilian Starz delivers with verses that are filled with passion and a deep connection to the track’s theme, which is true love.

By the way, thousands of her fans have since gotten hooked on this sweet ballad and as you read this, over 165K people are already streaming the video on YouTube, which is also airing on several TV stations across East Africa.

Guys, in case you intend to have a serious relationship or to simply impress your girlfriend, you can never go wrong with a song like ‘Dictionary’; just tap the link to stream the video on YouTube.

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