Nina Roz Drops Teaser For Fresh Single ‘Nwanilaako’

By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan diva Nina Roz, who is known for her scintillating music, has surprised fans with a teaser for her jam titled ‘Nwanilaako’, which is dropping on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday.

Bound to take millions of her fans by storm, ‘Nwanilaako’ is a captivating song through which Nina Roz expresses her deepest feelings and emotions for a man she loves wholeheartedly, although he doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same.

With ‘Nwanilaako’, Nina Roz offers her audience a sweet narrative woven with threads of love, resilience, and ambition, expertly blending her unique music style and lyrical talents.


‘Nwanilaako’, which will officially kickstart the New Year for Nina Roz, comes with a very special message for all women who are in relationships with men who don’t reciprocate the love they have for them.

This is a studio project that many of Nina Roz’s fans will easily resonate with mainly because she hinges the song on love, a theme that several people identify with.

Be sure to stream the song when it drops on Friday but as we wait for its release, you can tap the link above to check out the teaser on Nina Roz’s X account.


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