‘Dictionary’ Video By Emilian Starz Will Make You Wanna Couple Up


By Isaac Tugume

One of the jams shaping the Ugandan party landscape lately is ‘Dictionary’, an incredible song by sweet-voiced female musician Emilian Starz, which is predominantly playing in nightclubs, bars, and parties across the country.

One of Emilian Starz’s biggest studio projects ever, ‘Dictionary’ is the song that has since become a must-play for DJs at happening spots around the country, because it instantly puts people in the mood for merrymaking, especially if they are a couple.

‘Dictionary’ is a passionate melody that triggers nostalgia and the desire to be loved for everyone who experiences it, reason why it’s ideal for dating couples and those already settled down in relationships.

They say music is a medium through which to express our feelings; if this statement is anything to go by, then ‘Dictionary’ is the kind of music they are talking about and it’s because of this that the video is being streamed by over 166K fans on YouTube!

Not only so emotional but also very thought-provoking, ‘Dictionary’ is a studio project that has since changed the outlook of Ugandan music as we knew it, because with this song Emilian Starz dropped a musical creation that is shaking up the scene with a powerful message, which is love.

Stream the video right now on YouTube by tapping the link above!





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