‘Body Count’ By Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua & Fathermoh Is New Street Anthem




By Isaac Tugume

Sizzling Gengetone tune ‘Body Count’ by Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua, and Fathermoh is the latest street anthem not only in Kenya but also across East Africa, booming in almost every happening spot.

Everyone familiar with the phrase ‘Body Count’ will agree that this is one of the most common slogans on the streets among youths, especially because of the controversy it sparks whenever and wherever it is mentioned.

This is because ‘Body Count’ means the number of bodies or people someone has slept with during their lifetime and the more they are, the higher the body count.

Being a song that several people easily resonate with, thousands of Gengetone fans are falling in love with ‘Body Count’, which explains the over 13K YouTube views and counting that the song has attracted so far.

It’s because of the song’s high relatability, especially among youths that ‘Body Count’ is gaining popularity across East Africa, because the phrase rings a bell in the mind of everyone who encounters it.

Please tap the link above to stream ‘Body Count’ on YouTube because this is the song that’s making everyone talk!



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