Vizo Murder Drops Explosive Tune ‘Ngi Gaziye’

By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene has been bombarded with a new volatile jam dubbed ‘Ngi Gaziye’ by Vizo Murder, a budding dancehall artist.

‘Ngi Gaziye’, which is Vizo Murder’s debut single, is now available on YouTube, where his fans are already streaming the video fervently because it’s so electrifying.

A jam that’s about spreading positive vibes, ‘Ngi Gaziye’ tends to highlight the hustles that Ugandan youths go through daily; sweating during day time to earn money, and then chopping it in nightclubs and bars in the night.

With this studio project, which is a reverberating club banger, Vizo Murder, who is doing his thing under Musoni Music, is out to make a loud statement, alerting everybody that he has invaded the Ugandan music industry with penetrating veracity and that no one is about to stop him.

Believe it or not, ‘Ngi Gaziye’ is not a song for the weak-hearted, and now that the video is out on YouTube, the best thing everybody should do is tap the link above to stream it!

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