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Mbuzi Gang Turns Up Heat With ‘Sekete’ ft. Harry Craze



By Isaac Tugume

Are you a fan of Gengetone music or a religious follower of the Kenyan group Mbuzi Gang? Well, we have great news for you, because they are set to drop a fresh banger dubbed ‘Sekete’, which features Rico Gang member Harry Craze.

A jam that’s bound to shake tables on the East African music scene, ‘Sekete’ is dropping a few days from now, but word about the song is spreading like wildfire, causing excitement everywhere!

True to Mbuzi Gang’s legacy, ‘Sekete’ is another banger that’s about getting frisky, living life without fear or favour to anyone, and enjoying it like the big party it is.

This jam, which will change the Kenyan music landscape as we know it, also highlights the aspect of nosy neighbours, who instead of minding their own business end up interfering with their neighbours’ lives.

With this studio project, the Mbuzi Gang return to the music radar with intense veracity and prove to everyone that they are not about to relinquish their position as the G.O.A.Ts of Gengetone.

Stay tuned to GengetoneRadio.Com for updates on when ‘Sekete’ is being released but in the meantime, you can tap the link above to check out the promo video on X (Twitter).


Thee Exit Band To Perform ‘Show Me’ Live On Valentine’s Day


By Isaac Tugume

Thee Exit Band is set to treat Kenyans to a thrilling live performance of their massive hit ‘Show Me’ featuring Collo Blue and Fathermoh this month, at an event dubbed the Valentines Festival, to be held at Destiny Gardens on February 14th, 2024.

Set to perform alongside several other Kenyan artists among them Shekina Karen, Thee Exit Band, who are known in Kenya as the ‘kings of love’ music, will treat their fans to a Valentine’s Day experience that’s nothing like they’ve ever witnessed before.

Besides ‘Show Me’, Thee Exit Band will also perform live some of their popular sweet jams like; ‘Mapenzi Raha’, ‘Popo’, ‘Love’, and ‘Things In Ma Mind’, among others.

Although Thee Exit Band has released several songs over time, ‘Show Me’, which is being streamed by over 188K fans and counting on YouTube, happens to be their biggest studio project so far and a jam that has since caught the attention of several people.

Make sure to catch up with Thee Exit Band on Valentine’s Day at Destiny Gardens, because the vibe that they stir up with their live stage performances isn’t something anyone should miss!

But, as we wait for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Show Me’ on YouTube because it’s such a pulsating banger!



Joefes Speaks Out On Provocative Jam ‘Goshodo’ ft Fathermoh, Iphoolish & Harry Craze


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone ace Joefes has come out to shed light on his latest jam dubbed ‘Goshodo’, which he performs with Fathermoh, Iphoolish and Harry Craze.

A song that’s raising lots of dust on the Kenyan music scene, ‘Goshodo’ takes the storyline of a woman whose parents force her into marriage when she is not ready, and not in love with the man.

Ever since the song dropped, ‘Goshodo’ has sparked mixed feelings among thousands of people in Kenya, whereby some are giving props to Joefes for having come up with such a captivating and meaningful jam, while others are bashing him for being against marriage.

However, in a bid to clear the air about ‘Goshodo’, Joefes explains that he, Fathermoh, and Harry Craze aren’t necessarily opposed to marriage, but what they don’t believe in is the practice of parents forcing their daughters into marriage.

“We are not against marriage, we are against forced early marriages. Usipewe pressure ya kuoa mapema,” Joefes said, while commenting about the controversy ‘Goshodo’ is raising all over Kenya.

Well, we couldn’t agree any more or less with him, because it’s known the world over that some parents force their daughters into marriage knowing that it’s against their wishes.

This explains why the song is being streamed by over 121K fans on YouTube and still counting because Joefes has the attention of several people with ‘Goshodo’,

Go stream the jam on YouTube by tapping the link above right now!



Thee Exit Band Turns Up Heat With ‘Show Me’ ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue



By Isaac Tugume

East Africa is blazing with ‘Show Me’, an electrifying tune by Kenyan group Thee Exit Band featuring Fathermoh and Collo Blue, which is rocking tens of thousands of fans across the region.

A sweltering party tune, ‘Show Me’ is commanding attention from across the region and as if to prove this, even fans in South Sudan are already vibing to the jam.

“Man he never disappoints. To prove thousands likes here. Much love from South Sudan,” a fan in Juba only identified as Boss William138 commented on YouTube after streaming the video.

This is evidence that Thee Exit Band has East Africa grooving to their tune, which explains why the video has been streamed by over 182K fans on YouTube so far because it’s so lit!

‘Show Me’ is the kind of track that you can only enjoy fully if you take a moment to immerse yourself into the captivating beats and its fascinating flow because Thee Exit Band created it for only one purpose; to induce extreme happiness among their fans.

Join the thousands of fans streaming the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.


‘Kwa Bar’ By Odi wa Muranga ft. Fathermoh & Harry Craze Still Trending In Kenya, Boasts Over 3.6M Views




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone star Odi Wa Muranga’s chartbuster tune ‘Kwa Bar’, which features Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is still rocking the Kenyan party scene, and is trending not only on the airwaves but also in nightclubs, bars, and other hangouts across the country.

A jam that became an instant hit shortly after its release, ‘Kwa Bar’, which has so far garnered over 3.6M YouTube views and still counting, continues to rank high on the Kenyan music radar, thrilling Gengetone fans everywhere like never before!


One of the Kenyan music videos trending globally on YouTube, ‘Kwa Bar’ is a studio project that has since positioned Odi wa Muranga among the most sought-after artists in Kenya, whereby almost every nightspot wants to hire him to perform the jam at their venue.

This is mainly because ‘Kwa Bar’, which can be translated from Swahili to mean ‘We are at the bar’ in English, is a jam that every partier easily identifies with since it’s all about partying in bars and enjoying life to its fullest.

Get immersed in this massive banger by tapping the link above to stream ‘Kwa Bar’ on YouTube.






‘Body Count’ By Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua & Fathermoh Is New Street Anthem




By Isaac Tugume

Sizzling Gengetone tune ‘Body Count’ by Heavy Cane, Exray Taniua, and Fathermoh is the latest street anthem not only in Kenya but also across East Africa, booming in almost every happening spot.

Everyone familiar with the phrase ‘Body Count’ will agree that this is one of the most common slogans on the streets among youths, especially because of the controversy it sparks whenever and wherever it is mentioned.

This is because ‘Body Count’ means the number of bodies or people someone has slept with during their lifetime and the more they are, the higher the body count.

Being a song that several people easily resonate with, thousands of Gengetone fans are falling in love with ‘Body Count’, which explains the over 13K YouTube views and counting that the song has attracted so far.

It’s because of the song’s high relatability, especially among youths that ‘Body Count’ is gaining popularity across East Africa, because the phrase rings a bell in the mind of everyone who encounters it.

Please tap the link above to stream ‘Body Count’ on YouTube because this is the song that’s making everyone talk!



Thee Exit Band Ignite Fire with ‘Show Me’ ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue





By Isaac Tugume

‘Show Me’, a pulsating party tune by Thee Exit Band featuring Fathermoh and Collo Blue, is sparking fires in nightclubs and bars across Kenya!

A song that was created for people of all ages and backgrounds, ‘Show Me’ is all about one thing; dancing and showcasing your dance skills, no matter the time of day, who, or where you are!

When they set out to work on ‘Show Me’ Thee Exit Band didn’t know that the song would turn out to be perfect for lots of different people, no matter whether they want to pay attention to the lyrics or just groove to the tantalizing beats!

Indeed, the over 177K fans streaming the video on YouTube are evidence that Thee Exit Band perfectly understood the assignment when they were working on this jam because their intention of leaving a lasting impression on whoever experiences ‘Show Me’ has since been achieved.

It has become one of the jams that always make crowds go crazy whenever it’s played and because of this, almost every happening spot in Kenya has made it a regulation for their in-house DJs to play ‘Show Me’ back-to-back!

By the way, you too can enjoy this electrifying Gengetone flavour by simply tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube.


‘Naskwambii Pole’ By Iphoolish, Fathermoh & Harry Craze Is Explosive


By Isaac Tugume

If there is a Gengetone artist who is causing a rampage on the Kenyan music scene currently then it’s Mbuzi Gang member Iphooolish, whose latest video dubbed ‘Naskwambii Pole’, which he performs with Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is trending.

‘Naskwambii Pole’, which is a studio project that highlights Iphoolish’s exceptional creativity, has since positioned him as one of the Kenyan artists who herald a great future for Gengetone music as a genre because he has now mastered all the dynamics of the game.

In ‘Naskwambii Pole’ Iphoolish went out of his usual calm and composed style of performance to drop a joint that’s not only controversial but also highly appealing to tens of thousands of his fans, which explains the over 84K YouTube views and still counting that the video has already attracted.

But that’s not all, what’s most important is that ‘Naskwambiii Pole’ is a song that is easy to listen to and has a relaxed, cool feel that makes it ideal for listening to any day, which is making it increasingly popular among Gengetone fans all over Kenya.

Anyways, why don’t you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube when thousands of people are already doing so?


Thee Exit Band Drop Infectious Beats In ‘Show Me’ ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue




By Isaac Tugume

‘Show Me’, a new, hot music video by Thee Exit Band ft. Fathermoh and Collo Blue is a dope vibe that is fast becoming infectious on the Gengetone scene.

Now trending across Kenya and other parts of East Africa ‘Show Me’, which is also one of the jams causing a storm on TikTok, has since positioned Thee Exit Band as one of the Kenyan singing groups that ought to be watched closely by everyone.

For starters, it’s a jam that is not only interesting but also one that stirs dance fever in all those who encounter it and it’s because of this that the video has been streamed by over 163K fans on YouTube during the first few weeks of its release, yet this is just the start.

‘Show Me’, which is arguably one of their biggest studio projects ever, clearly showcases the Thee Exit Band’s amazing musical journey and ability to evolve in the industry over time.

It’s an all-time masterpiece that has since enabled Thee Exit Band to break through various barriers in the Kenyan music realm and one that spells a bright future for their music career.

Please click the link above to stream the ‘Show Me’ video on YouTube.



Thee Exit Band Become Music Powerhouse With ‘Show Me’  ft. Collo Blue & Fathermoh



By Isaac Tugume

Renowned Kenyan singing group Thee Exit Band has arguably become a new musical powerhouse in East Africa, thanks to their sizzling video dubbed ‘Show Me’, which features Fathermoh and Collo Blue.

One of the jams booming across Kenya and enjoying massive airplay on various radio and TV stations, ‘Show Me’ has since positioned Thee Exit Band as formidable artists that must be watched with a keen eye from now on, because the studio project showcases their immense musical potential.

‘Show Me’, which has so far claimed over 150K YouTube views and still counting, within the first 11 days of its release, is garnering widespread acclaim for Thee Exit Band on the Kenyan music scene, earning them lots of props for their exceptional songwriting and captivating performances.

The musical synergy they clinched with Fathermoh and Collo Blue has not only propelled Thee Exit Band into the spotlight of the Kenyan music industry but also facilitated a seamless connection with a diverse audience since each of them already has a huge legion of followers.

Teaming up with Fathermoh and Collo Blue has since enabled Thee Exit Band to reach a bigger audience with ‘Show Me’, which perhaps wouldn’t have been the case if they had performed the song without them.

Make sure you stream this video on YouTube by tapping the link above.