Joefes Speaks Out On Provocative Jam ‘Goshodo’ ft Fathermoh, Iphoolish & Harry Craze


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone ace Joefes has come out to shed light on his latest jam dubbed ‘Goshodo’, which he performs with Fathermoh, Iphoolish and Harry Craze.

A song that’s raising lots of dust on the Kenyan music scene, ‘Goshodo’ takes the storyline of a woman whose parents force her into marriage when she is not ready, and not in love with the man.

Ever since the song dropped, ‘Goshodo’ has sparked mixed feelings among thousands of people in Kenya, whereby some are giving props to Joefes for having come up with such a captivating and meaningful jam, while others are bashing him for being against marriage.

However, in a bid to clear the air about ‘Goshodo’, Joefes explains that he, Fathermoh, and Harry Craze aren’t necessarily opposed to marriage, but what they don’t believe in is the practice of parents forcing their daughters into marriage.

“We are not against marriage, we are against forced early marriages. Usipewe pressure ya kuoa mapema,” Joefes said, while commenting about the controversy ‘Goshodo’ is raising all over Kenya.

Well, we couldn’t agree any more or less with him, because it’s known the world over that some parents force their daughters into marriage knowing that it’s against their wishes.

This explains why the song is being streamed by over 121K fans on YouTube and still counting because Joefes has the attention of several people with ‘Goshodo’,

Go stream the jam on YouTube by tapping the link above right now!



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