‘Naskwambii Pole’ By Iphoolish, Fathermoh & Harry Craze Is Explosive


By Isaac Tugume

If there is a Gengetone artist who is causing a rampage on the Kenyan music scene currently then it’s Mbuzi Gang member Iphooolish, whose latest video dubbed ‘Naskwambii Pole’, which he performs with Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is trending.

‘Naskwambii Pole’, which is a studio project that highlights Iphoolish’s exceptional creativity, has since positioned him as one of the Kenyan artists who herald a great future for Gengetone music as a genre because he has now mastered all the dynamics of the game.

In ‘Naskwambii Pole’ Iphoolish went out of his usual calm and composed style of performance to drop a joint that’s not only controversial but also highly appealing to tens of thousands of his fans, which explains the over 84K YouTube views and still counting that the video has already attracted.

But that’s not all, what’s most important is that ‘Naskwambiii Pole’ is a song that is easy to listen to and has a relaxed, cool feel that makes it ideal for listening to any day, which is making it increasingly popular among Gengetone fans all over Kenya.

Anyways, why don’t you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube when thousands of people are already doing so?


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