Daddy Andre Takes Ugandan Music To New Dimension With ‘Maama Wo’

By Isaac Tugume

Believe it or not, Daddy Andre is one of the biggest blessings that ever happened to the Ugandan music industry and with his latest single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, he is arguably out to prove this!

This is because with ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre brings about a whole new dimension to Ugandan music, dropping a tune that is already transcending beyond borders and cultures.

It is the dream of almost every man to get introduced by his sweetheart or girlfriend to her mother; this is the issue that Daddy Andre attempts to address in ‘Maama Wo’, which is a very palpitating Afropop banger!

Actually, with this latest release, Daddy Andre is already garnering widespread acclaim, especially because as he performs this tune, he takes it upon himself to call out his fans in several countries across the world, urging them to catch the vibe.

Thanks to his exceptional songwriting, amazing creativity, and captivating stage performance, Daddy Andre is pushing the envelope and leaving an indelible mark on the Ugandan music industry; anyone who doubts this should hit the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube.




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