Emilian Starz Set To Shake Ugandan Music Scene With ‘Dictionary’ Video



By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is about to witness something new, clean, and fresh; this is nothing other than a sizzling video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is set to be unveiled this week by sensational vocalist Emilian Starz!

Credible information coming in from Studio Black Market 256 indicates that the video for ‘Dictionary’, which is a very tantalizing love ballad from Emilian Starz, is dropping on YouTube any time this week.

This dropping of the video will quench the burning thirst for thousands of Emilian Starz’s fans, who have been eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the visuals for this alluring jam, which melts the heart of everyone who encounters it.

‘Dictionary’, which is one of Emilian Starz’s greatest productions, is a jam that sparked off a wave of hysteria shortly after its release, especially because it resonates with almost everyone who is or has ever been in a relationship.

We all know that millions of women around the world fall in love with men who don’t understand them and cannot read their emotions or feelings, which usually leads to their relationships crumbling within no time; this is the exact issue that Emilian Starz seeks to tackle in ‘Dictionary’.

She thus reaches out to men, urging them to try as much as possible to study their women, so that they can be able to know what they want and when, because only then can they be able to satisfy their desires!

Watch this space for updates about the unveiling of the video for ‘Dictionary’ but don’t forget that the audio is available for streaming on YouTube; just tap the link above.




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