‘Loyal’ By Nande Boyz Is Pure Love & Emotions



By Isaac Tugume

Uganda—based Congolese duo Nande Boyz are all about love, faithfulness and emotions in their latest video titled ‘Loyal’, which is causing a buzz on YouTube.

‘Loyal’, a song that is out to portray how women are so unfaithful in relationships nowadays, is garnering tens of thousands of followers for Nande Boyz, because no man would like to have a woman who is disloyal to him.

It is a song through which the Nande Boyz speak to every man who is dating a woman, because it is so disheartening to learn that the person you think is the woman of your life is actually cheating on you.

The video has so far been streamed by over 70K people on YouTube and still counting, which cements the fact that thousands of people are all ears for what Nande Boyz are saying in this song, especially because matters to do with faithfulness in relations concern everyone.

This studio proves without any reasonable doubt that Nande Boyz have mastered the art of producing music that rhymes well with people from all walks of life, which explains the attention that ‘Loyal’ is attracting from all corners.

We invite you to click the link above to stream the video on YouTube now.




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